Mischief is in the House….Somewhere!!

I promised you a funny story today so here goes!

We had the fun, although exhausting, joy of having one of our G’s girls spend the night this weekend. This little sweetheart is the 5  year old “Big Sister” of our youngest son’s crew of 3.
After a fun day/night of swimming, roasting marshmallows, planting flowers, eating hamburgers off the grill, playing house with a tiny frog, reading books and watching a late movie we fell into a coma/sleep at 11 pm on Saturday night.
Sunday morning we were SLOWLY making our way through our routine of getting ready for church. The plan was, I was taking her to meet her Daddy and Mommy for their church, and we were heading the other direction to ours.  
As honey and I were getting ready, our little G-Darling was in and out of EVERYTHING!! EVERY MINUTE!! Once honey got out of the shower and got dressed, her territory expanded into our bathroom/bedroom. 
We were all busy about our preparation for church when we began to hear a VERY loud noise that seemed to be coming from outside our bathroom window. We thought it was coming from the house next door. It sounded like someone was doing the lawn or possibly pressure washing the house. We thought it seemed to be a bit odd on a normally quiet Sunday morning but we  continued our routine of getting ready . After awhile it became so irritating that I was getting grouchy about it. I made my way to a window in our home that would allow me to investigate the noise to see what in the world our neighbor was up to. To my surprise I saw that NO ONE was outside. The yard was empty and quiet. 
I went outside to check our our outside AC  unit to see if that was it….NOTHING! 
I checked out our pool pump for a breakdown….NOTHING!
I went back into the house and the noise was still blaring, almost unbearable.
Honey and I searched high and low trying to figure out the noise until we came to the conclusion that it was IN THE PIPES! IN THE WALL!! We were very concerned that a pipe had broken inside our bathroom wall behind the shower! YUK!! Not a good start for a Sunday!
I went ahead and finished getting dresses to meet my son with our G-Girl as her “busy-ness” was a bit of extra distraction while we were dealing with visions of water filling our walls.
I secured her in the car seat and headed out to meet her Daddy as planned a few miles from our home.
We moved the little darling from my car seat to his and off they went in one direction with me in another heading back home.
They had just driven away from the gas station that was our meeting spot, when my G-Girl asked her Daddy, “Why isn’t G going to her church Daddy”. She was smart enough to know that I was headed in the wrong direction for my church!! Amazing!! Turns out, that G-Girls is SMARTER than I thought! This is what followed…….
“She has to go back home pumpkin, she and Pop have a noise that they are looking for, they think a pipe broke in their wall”
“Oh no Daddy, that’s not a PIPE making that noise! That is G’s face scrubber!! I turned it on and put it back into her bath basket on her bathtub and it is making lots of noise!!!”
My son immediately tried to call my cell phone, which I had left at home. He then called his Dad who was standing at the door waiting for me when I arrived back home to our EMERGENCY!! 
As soon as I walked in, I realized, the house was silent! That brilliant man of mine had FIXED THE LEAK!!!???
Yes, he “fixed” it alright…..He began to tell me how!
Our little CUTIE had turned on a “Dove” battery operated face scrubber that I keep in a cute metal basket on the side of my bathtub. She turned the switch on and put it back in the basket!!! It was hidden behind the Bubble Bath and the Shampoo…BUZZING TO BEAT THE BAND!!
All of the in and outs of the bathroom, in and out of the house, discussions, mystery and madness of the morning had been the ENTERTAINMENT of that VERY SMART little G-Girl!
Honey was a bit miffed at first but I just BURST OUT LAUGHING!! Apparently that is what our son was doing when he told his Dad. I was actually a bit of a proud G-Ma at her brilliance. Not only with her little game but also the fact that she KNEW what direction I should be driving to go to my church!
I truly feel that she had no idea all that was going on around her little stunt. I think she got distracted and went on to have a TEA PARTY with her dolls which is what she was doing while the mad search was going on!
Oh my…..You just gotta love ’em!!!
Otherwise, you may give them to the neighbors!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a morning!!!
    The grandkids keep things exciting don't they?! Life would be so boring without them.

    That will be a funny memory the three of you will talk about for many years to come.

  2. What a story!! What a hoot.

    But, I'm still confused…did she know it was not suppose to be making that noise? I mean did she turn it on and hide it back on purpose or did she just not know how to turn it off and make it stop???

  3. ROFL….I needed that laugh! Thanks Pat! Those kiddos keep us ALL on ourt toes!

    Need to catch up with you soon!
    Terry a.k.a Pink

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