Bloom in 2014. Join the SEEDS Team!

I have a gift for you!

I know I am kind of strange but as I wrap my gifts and slip them under my tree, I am already dreaming about what God has in mind for 2014! And guess what—YOU are one of my 2014 New Years Resolutions!

While I am working on my own spiritual growth next year, I would love to Plant God’s Word in Your Heart and HAVE US BLOOM together!

Our “Garden” will be on my Imagine Me..Set Free Website. Our Garden TOOL is called S.E.E.D.S.

By signing up for my Weekly DEVOTIONS IN YOUR MAILBOX, we will be working all year on a precious and priceless harvest. PLUS sharing the journey along the way. 

In my “Imagine Me…Set Free” Conference or Weekend’s I use a tool called a Freedom Flower© throughout the weekend to help us apply IN REAL LIFE some specific things God reveals to us about our Past; Present and Future. When you join the team I will send you a Freedom Flower and coach you through the 5 Steps to Freedom. We always end our Freedom journey with the seeds of the flower. Hense, the title of this website devotion. Our end goal is the SEED! I am writing a new book right now called Imagine Me..Set Free that will be published by REGAL BOOKS next year! (YOU WILL HEAR MORE ABOUT THAT IN THE WEEKS TO COME–maybe more than you want to hear :))

If your prayer and devotion time needs NEW GROWTH  for 2014, maybe this will be just your thing 🙂



This is how it will work: Every SUNDAY I will post a verse of scripture on both websites that will allow our hearts to BLOOM in God’s Word all week.

Here is the plan:

There are 2 ways fro get the weekly scripture:

1) In your EMAIL In-Box! If you have signed up to receive my blog post by email, every Sunday night you will get a SCRIPTURE verse IN YOUR EMAIL that you can mediate on all week. (If you are not signed up click the sign up box on the right side of your screen) 

2) Check in here on Mondays to get the verse of the week.

I encourage you to use the template as the 5 Day plan below:

Day OneSCRIPTURE verse for the week. Write the verse on a 3X5 card and keep it in front of you all week. Your car, refrigerator, bathroom mirror or desk at work. Anyplace you will see it over and over and allow God to plant it in your heart.

Day TwoEXAMINE the verse and journal what God is saying to YOU personally from His Word. How does this apply to your life right now? What is God saying to you? What does He want you to see? hear? understand? do?

Day ThreeEXPERIENCE and ENJOY it. Us it for your Wednesday “hump day” inspiration. Imagine Jesus saying those words directly to you and LISTEN to what He says to you personally from the words. How do they matter to you right now? This would be a great time to share your thoughts under COMMENTS on either of my blogs and be entered in a regular drawing.

Day FourDEPOSIT it. Memorize the verse.

Day FiveSOW and SHARE it. Find someone to share God’s hope with. Tell somebody about Jesus today and maybe use your memorized verse in conversation.


SIGN UP through the side bar link on the top right hand side of this page letting me know that you want to get these S.E.E.D.S. EVERY SUNDAY in your inbox. Let me know here in COMMENTS that you signed up!

After You sign up we will email you a copy of the Freedom Flower© to use during our studies together.

If you are one of the first 100 to sign up I will send you AT LEAST one of these cool BLOOMING SUNFLOWER GOODIES!!

I have some Sweet Smelling Sunflower (of course 🙂 Soaps; cute Sunflower Finger Nail Files 🙂 and adorable packets of Sunflower SEEDS that will sprout for you in the Spring!!

Remember—The FIRST 100 Sisters WHO SIGN UP WINS the Goodies!

Let’s get to BLOOMING ladies!!




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    1. Yeah Melinda! You are my first SEED friend for 2014! This will be fun 🙂
      I’ll send the Freedom Flower before the year end,
      Merry Christmas!

  1. Pat,
    I am so looking forward to the new devotion and Bible study. I’m a S.E.E.D.S subscriber already but not sure if that makeshift signed up for the new weekly study you’re gonna be doing. Would you please check on it because I don’t want to miss out on the study? Thank you so much!

  2. I am already signed up for emails! So please “re-sign me up” for Sunday verse posts also! Or do I need to do it again? I would love to join you! 🙂
    Denise Kooiker

  3. I have signed up!
    2013 I read my bible through. That was my goal (I got a head of schedule and finished a week early!) It was a bucket list thing for me and I am proud that I finally accomplished it. This year I want to dig deeper into his word. I am so excited to have something that will allow me to really dig deep and grow closer to Him.

    1. Yah ladies!! I am so happy to have you join me. Sorry for the slow response. I have been a BIT busy doing things like saying goodbye to Grand-babies who moved to another state from me 🙁 over this Christmas weekend, selling my house and buying a new one—OH MY!
      I am thrilled to have you all and have your names.
      Look for an email from me this week,

  4. Blessings from PA! I would love to receive the SEEDS verses. I am 2 pages away from finishing “Born to Bloom”. Luv it!!

  5. I signed up for SEEDS and I am excited to do this in 2014. You held a seminar at my church this past year and I think you are awesome. Can’t wait to start!!

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