Making Things Smaller!

Ladies–who is up for a new adventure?!

I have spent a good bit of time over this past 8 months, praying and considering all the MANY streams (and a few deserts) of ministry I am currently enjoying and have experienced over the past 30 plus years.

I have been asking God and A FEW PEOPLE, where it seems my BEST efforts should flow.
We should all do that now and again, right?

Evaluate. Pray. Listen.

We all need to occasionally consider all the things we are doing (or NOT doing) and ask the question–

Is God still in this?
Should I still be in this?

One thing I dearly love and truly know God has placed on my heart more than ever is gathering, coaching, and mentoring other women.

Women NEED women. Women LOVE groups. Women like to SHARE life and HEAR from other women.

I have been thrilled to do a LOT of that, especially over the past few years, in many different kinds of ways.

The truth is, we can TALK at many, but we can only CONNECT with a few.

I have asked and I believe God has shown me a new, and SMALLER way to CONNECT and really serve a few!

I hope you will pray about joining me.



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  1. How timely that I find this today, as I was pondering similar tho’ts, Pat. Recently (professionally) unemployed, I set out to accomplish the myriad of things that had been tucked away for “when I get the time” to tackle them. One of them is writing — and through my writing, the ministry of connection and mentoring.
    Five years ago, while I was recovering from major surgery, God whispered into my spirit and I began seriously writing (serious in the sense that I filled pages and began blogging). Since walking away from my full-time career, I devoted this time to developing this “thing in my hand” and joined Compel Training through Proverbs 31 Ministries.
    All this to say, I totally get what you are saying here. But it’s scary treading these waters at my age — I seem to start things later in life.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, Pat. There are so many of us that benefit from your faithfulness to our Lord.

    1. Linda–I am so inspired by your dedication and STICK TO IT determination! You go girl!!!
      Thank you for the kind words!!

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