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Pausing is NO ACCIDENT!

This week on Permission to Pause we are thinking about what it takes to truly keep Pausing in God’s Presence a treasured RHYTHM of our our life.

We have been focusing on one of my favorite verses in the Bible, specifically the MESSAGE version.

Nothing great happens in our lives without PURPOSE. Without INTENTION. Without COMMITMENT.

This invitation in Matt requires a few personal intentions: It requires getting clear about what “me/God” time means to you and sometimes explaining this to the people in your life.

Join me on the podcast this week to consider a few INTENTIONS that will shape your PERMISSION TO PAUSE!

Staying committed – not letting your inner gremlin talk you out of your time to yourself

Doing a daily inventory of whether you are taking care of yourself and if you are not, how you need to

Respecting yourself enough to take care of yourself

aking enough time to listen to yourself so you know what you desire/need

We have already established that accepting Jesus’ invitation isnʼt selfish – it is GOD respecting and spiritually, physically and mentally healthy for YOU and for those you love.
You can’t give out what you do not have.
If you want to share peace; joy; faith; hope; and all the fruits of God’s spirit—you first have to fill up in order to pour it out!!

TELL ME–HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOUR PAUSE? Is is struggle in your busy season of life? Share some ideas with me!!

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