Lord, Make me Dangerous!

Since the day of my salvation on June 9, 1984, I have wanted to be DANGEROUS for God.

When I lifted my bowed head from the alter on that sunny Saturday morning, in my heart I knew that I would never be the same again. My heart was right.

God began to draw me into Kingdom warfare before I barely cut my spiritual teeth on the books of the Bible.

As SOON as I understood God’s personal attention to the creation of every single life, as I discovered in Psalms 139, I knew that I had to get involved in that battle. I immediately became dangerous to the enemy as I began to share the truth about abortion, speak out and tell my story, then go so far as to write a Bible Study that would not only shine the light on truth about the sin of abortion but also lead women, and men, into healing!!

As the years have gone by, sometimes I feel like a mighty warrior woman of God. Other times, I feel like a worn out wanna be warrior. Like a little girl dressed up in a giant suit of amour that drags on the ground as I try to press my way along life’s path. Wondering, who put this big ole thing on me and how am I gonna get out of it?

This has been one of those “helmet way to big” kind of weeks.

Because I have served and loved God for so long, I have learned exactly where to go when I feel that way.

I run to the shelter of God as I am told to do in Psalms 91. I bury myself in His shadow and press in so close that I might feel His heartbeat again.I get alone with God! I turn to Him and tell Him that I feel like have stepped off the path and into the thorn bushes.

Sometimes God says “YES, you stepped away” and begins to show me where and how and what to do to fix it. He never abandons us when we miss Him as long as we turn around and STOP going the wrong way!

This time, much to my surprise, that is not what He said at all.

He said, “Pat you are dangerous. You said you want to be dangerous didn’t you? Well, this is what DANGEROUS looks like. It is tough. It is sometimes painful. It is tiring and tangled and the only way to survive it is to keep me first! If you don’t want to play. You don’t have to. I have plenty of kids who don’t.”

OKey Dokey God!!!

“But I am confused Lord. Some things seem really messy”

“It is like that in a battle”

There are some things going on that I don’t like very much.

“It is not really about your comfort, it is about my Glory”

What God reminded me this morning about being dangerous for Him as that we can never, never leave our “Wing Man” (I know “Top Gun” is not a great spiritual analogy but this has to be a short post!)

What God reminded me today ( I can not say I have not heard this before!) was that it is especially important when in a battle to stay really connected to Him. REALLY CONNECTED!

So close that you are working on keeping Him in mind every minute. Remebering His Word, Knowing His promises. Claiming His truth. relying on His Holy Spirit.

I had to admit to God today that my busyness and lots of silly things steal my attention (things like “TWITTER” and “Facebook” and even pretty new blogs) and have stolen the extra time that I need to spend with Him that it takes to be DANGEROUS . Anything that distracts me from spending time with Him must be taken captive and put in order!!!

I left my extended time with God today still saying….Lord, I do want to stay in the battle.

Don’t keep me comfortable Lord, keep me BOLD, keep me focused, keep me empowered, keep me close, keep me instructed, keep me anointed with your truth.

Keep me DANGEROUS!!!

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  1. This is a comment to myself since I am tired of seeing O’s on my new blog!!
    Awesome post Pat!! You mighty woman of God!!!!!
    Great Word!!! Stay Dangerous!!

  2. Yes Pat you are a mighty woman of God and “No weapon formed against you can prosper.” Isaiah 54:17 You are a dangerous front line warrior! Press on! God has big things in store for your minstry and for every women who dares to be dangerous!

  3. Precious sister..dangerous?? I’ll say, and you have been from the “starting line”!! God will give you everything you need to keep going up this mountain He has you climbing for the increase of His Kingdom!! Praying for you and always thanking God for you!
    Sending much love!!

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