Location! Location! Location!

My honey and I have lived in 5 different houses since we got married and have learned a bit more about home buying with each move. One thing that we have heard from every realtor we have ever known is that there are 3 rules to buying a new home….

you guessed it…
#1) Location
#2) Location
#3) Location
We have actually been considering moving again. We understand that it is a “buyers market” which is great on the one hand and not so great on the other. 
In any case, a fresh understanding of “location” has come to my attention in some funny ways.
During a recent visit to the dazzling city of West Palm Beach, I came across this bargain…..
Front yard.
mmmm…. I don’t know, this thing could use some work!!
Back Yard.
OK….it’s NOT THAT MUCH Work!
Now that’s what I’m talking about! 

The house needs a little updating but hey….my son is “The Remodeling Guy” after all!!!
Unfortunately, the BARGAIN price of 2 Million dollars just doesn’t work for us.
More recently, I have acquired a new family who has moved in to our home, just a little too close for comfort.
This birds nest is sitting right outside of my kitchen nook french doors. It is nestled in an old planter box that has pond chemicals inside!
What was she thinking!!!??? This little finch Mama needs to get a NEW Realtor! 
Last weekend we had some company over and I was showing off our latest tenants and decided to climb up on a chair to peek in at the birdie eggs. 
Little did I know that MAMA WAS HOME!!!
Out she flew practically up my nose. 
We completely freaked each other out!!
I must say, I will not be asking HER advice when I go lot shopping!
As for location number one……All Critters Would be Welcomed!! Especially those who live IN the water!

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  1. You are so right about location. My house is on the market as of last week. Not one looker…

    Those mama birds can be very protective. How interesting that she built her house in the box with the chemicals. I think there is a spiritual lesson in there somewhere!

  2. Great location on the water but my what work ahead I see …but the remodeling guy is handy to have for a son. Cute birds too but they definitely get territorial, especially if they have babies.

    Our home is for sale now and in Phoenix it definitely is a buyer's market. It is very slow.

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