Living the Vision Youv’e Been Given

I am feeling SO GOOD!! Delirious actually.

My amazing husband, family and Staff have been extra good to me over the past week as I have been holed up in my home office–AKA–“CAVE”–writing, writing, writing. Actually, organizing would be the more accurate word. I cannot even tell you how good it feels to finally get 3 years worth of notes, research, passion, vision and life message down on paper and into a semi-organized 3 ring notebook.

I work from a Mac-Book Pro and have everything on that in neat little document folders but since I am such a visual person I have to print everything as I go so I can SEE how it looks on paper. Then I created a cute little pretend cover using some blog post picture that I loved . If it’s yours don’t worry, I’m not stealing it, I’m just using it to dream with. As a matter of fact, be complimented since I thought it was so cute I borrowed it for the pretend book cover of my very special love work.

Here it is on a chair in my office which is not really a “cave” at all in fact it’s quite a nice office and I am grateful for it.

The working title of my book is “Born to Bloom” You are No Ordinary Flower. The book is about how God created us each with a particular plan in mind for our lives. A plan that includes:

Peace with the Past

Purpose in the Present

Passion for the Future.

It is based upon Psalm 139 and is the meat of the conference I have been sharing for the past 2 years Imagine Me…Set Free.

Speaking of the conference, which was the main reason I am blogging at close to 8:30pm.

I shared here on Living Free on this post, that we had a donor who wanted to treat one lucky lady to be with us at the next Imagine Me Weekend.

We started a comment contest in early August that was to end tomorrow-September 1st.

The thing is that we discovered that we had a whole bunch of ladies who live right in Grand Rapids who just can’t afford the $40. it cost to come to the event. Once that fact was discovered by our donor, it was kind-of a no brainer to use the money to bless a whole group of women for Freedom Weekend.

Based upon the contacts I received, you all graciously agreed.

However, since some of you so sweetly responded to the contest and asked to be considered, I didn’t want to leave you high and dry so if you are one of those sisters who left a comment here on the blog during the month of August, if you will email my Assistant Amy at, she will send you a special gift from me pulled from this stack of brand new, hot off the presses books that I just scored this Summer at the Christian Booksellers Convention in Atlanta.

This is a sample of the Non-Fiction.

This is the Fiction stack. I am a Fiction junkie so I grabbed lots of those!

I’ll bet some of those books started out in a 3 Ring Binder with a fake cover on the front don’t you think?

Anyway, if you are one of my August commenter’s, tell me which kind of book you like and I’ll send you one.

Also, I’m going to be hunting down a few PRE-READERS for my Born to Bloom book. Let me know if you would be interested in being one.

Labor Day Blessings friends.

It’s my 35th Wedding Anniversary Weekend  (yeah, honey married me on Labor day:) so I’ll not be back to blogging until next week.

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  1. Pat…
    I do the very same thing with manuscripts I’m working on. Mine aren’t nearly as cute as yours, but I love the organizational aspect of it all!

    So glad to hear about your new work; there are times when I think that my blooming days are over. Recently, God has reminded me and renewed in me a hope for more blossoms to come. I look forward to reading your book when it releases.

    In the meantime, thank you for all you are doing to heal the world. You are a beautiful, gracious, gift from heaven.


  2. Elaine, your blooming days a FAR from over. All anyone has to do to see that is be in a room near you. You SHINE girl. You are a precious reflection of God’s grace through tough times.
    Stay the course.
    Chase and Embrace Your Dreams.
    You are loved.
    And THANK YOU for taking time to say hi on my blog. That blesses my heart.

  3. Pat, happy anniversary!!! And I’d love to be a prereader!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with! I know it’s going to be wonderful and such a timely message!

  4. Big, big, BIG congratulations on your newest book, Pat!!! Three cheers for sweet inspiration and beautiful FREEDOM! Hooray for you!

  5. …oh, and I’d love to pre-read, if you’ve got another pre-reader slot left to nab! 🙂

    Blessings, Dear Pat, and here’s to a marvelous anniversary weekend!


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