Living On Leftovers

My refrigerator was disgusting. I was horrified that anyone might possibly stop by my house and reach for a glass of sweet tea or an apple for goodness sakes.

Things around here have been a bit neglected during this past Summer season of house guests, cookouts, fun travel and ministry activities.

While I was gone this last trip, certain members of the family (I won’t say WHO) have apparently lived on fast food and take-out, as opposed to actually cooking something-ya know.

Leftovers in styrofoam boxes do not stay fresh long.

I THINK what was once leftover Outback Chicken now looked like an old sponge. I know.


I finally just drew the trash can over to the fridge and started dumping everything in sight.

After gazing upon the empty shelves I knew I needed to drop everything and head to the market.

The truth is, my family is not the only thing that sometimes lives on leftovers.

If I am not careful and intentional–after lots of fun things, people and places–I can easily end up in a similar stinky condition.

After running my self slap ragged, living fast and playing hard–I often find myself detecting a stale oder and a grumbling tummy–I mean, mouth.

Before I know it, I realize I have been LIVING ON LEFTOVERS.

When I am hanging on to things God said or showed me LAST WEEK. When I am still chewing on Words from HIS WORD that revived me LAST MONTH. When I begin to see Sin that I responded to a long time ago show up again. I have learned to recognize the symptoms of being spiritually hungry.

I have learned not to settle for spiritual LEFTOVERS!

Fortunately, I when I am desperate for some FRESH FRUIT, I know where to find it.

This morning, I spent some extra time dining on God’s Word and was reminded of how precious and irreplaceable JUST PLAIN TIME IN HIS PRESENCE is to my life. I started a new Bible Study. I chewed on Psalm 85:6-13 and savored it’s truth.


Revive ME O Lord.

Let me rejoice FRESHLY in YOU.

Show me your steadfast love.

Grant me a RENEWED JOY in my Salvation.



Do not let me slip backwards, OR EVEN STAY IN ONE PLACE.

Pour your glory out on me.

I want continued Revival in my life.

How about you?

Has the Summer tempted you to Live on Spiritual Leftovers?

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  1. Amen! Oh, my!! Yes, I think summer especially lends itself toward leftovers – spiritually. My small group does not meet in the summer so it is easy to let time with the Lord slip when there is seemingly, no accountability for Bible study. Great post, Pat. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I started my summer off by reading the book: Radical
    It got me motivated to make 5 commitments for one year. I was all about it until the middle of July and then my wagon started draggin’. I am so glad school has started because even though I don’t have any school kids for the 1st time ever it always inspires me to pick myself up and join the hustle and bustle… work on myself physically, mentally and spiritually – not live on left overs from my early summer reading.

  3. Hi there ladies, sorry to be late in responding. It has been a “WEEK”, ya know.

    Thank you for the kind words Leah. As usual, you are a blessing.

    Anita, I agree! What is it about school starting that makes even those of us who have no back to school kids get things in order? Thank you so much for dropping by!

    Have a great Saturday ladies 🙂

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