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Thank you all so much for your response to 24 Hours to Life Unstuck here on the blog! It was fun to re-read and be reminded of the timeless 24 verses found in Psalm 139. They are truly life-changing and never cease to break me down to build me up.

I have been praying and wondering about what else we might do together to make 2019 our BEST YEAR EVER!

I am SO EXCITED about where God led me! I have decided to take..and purpose..a 2019 CHALLENGE! A LIST MAKING CHALLENGE! #lifeunstucklist2019

The challenge is based upon one presented to believers thousands of years ago by my Bible Buddy–David. It is found in 1 Chronicles Chapter 16.

David’s Psalm of Thanks begins with verse 7 and goes on through verse 36.

This 2019 Life Unstuck List Making Challenge is going to be focused on verse 12 where David challenges us to:

“Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles and the judgments He pronounced” 

I love how David inspires us to not only remember what God has done FUN in our lives but also what “judgment” He has pronounced. In other words what He has spoken or prompted or corrected needs to be equally considered.

So let’s do that! Let’s make some list and remember some of those things, shall we?

I actually LOVE list making! I love dumping everything that is rumbling around in my TO DO LIST brain onto paper and checking things off as I get them accomplished.

These list that we make are going to be a bit different as they will be dumped into a journal all year long, for the purpose of THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE!

Each list will challenge you to consider 5 Things on the chosen topic and are going to open the way to some UNSTUCK self-discovery but more importantly some GOD DISCOVERY! When we are done we will be able to look back on the year and see some many things God has spoken to us, reminded us of and stirred us to pursue!

So–grab your journal or better yet a FRESH JOURNAL and here we go with LIST #1–(Remember the wonders and the judgments)

List 5 Qualities You Love About Being The YOU God made You! (Life Unstuck Key#1)

  1. I love that God made me a “Helper”. Using the Enneagram Test in The Road Back To You by Ian Cron)   I scored a 2/Helper with a 3/Achiever “Wing”. I have learned to love that about myself and receive God’s “judgments” of my “Helper” tendency to be motivated by approval and affirmation because of my helping. I actually now try NOT to be praised when I help. I do my best to fly under the radar and keep my heart and mind focused on WHY I want to help. It is not because I am some superhero person who is just a helper–It is that is how God graciously created me. It is the JESUS in me that responds to the needs of those around me. I love that.
  2. I love that God created me to tickle a taste of HIS creativity. I love to paint, write, decorate, bake, hike in the woods….I love to embrace beauty and color and His natural wonders–flowers, critters and cloud formations.
  3. I love that I am a life-long learner. I am hungry to grow and try new things. I love to read and study and I LOVE CONFERENCES! (My last one was just a few weeks ago for @Michael Hyatt’s “BEST YEAR EVER”) I love hearing from others who have accomplished things (Again–Enneagram Achiever 🙂 at higher levels and I love to share what I have learned with others. NOTHING stays in my head and heart for too long (in fact, again–the judgment part of our verse–God has been teaching me for a LONG TIME, to let things marinate a bit more before trying to messily dump them on the world! LOL). I love to teach what I have learned.
  4. I LOVE travel–especially road trips. No town is too small or too big for me! I love the city and the country. The beach and the mountains. The general store and the mega malls :)) I admit the biggest challenge of this is that I LOVE very nice hotels preferably that have “AND SPA” in the title. My next travel goal is for my upcoming birthday and my wish is The Barnsley Resort! Yes, please 🙂
  5. Lastly, I LOVE that God supernaturally dropped into me a love for HIS WORD and HIS PEOPLE! The day I surrendered my life to Him–June 9, 1984–I got up from the altar at a woman’s retreat, something I had never experienced, after hearing The Gospel for the first time, with a brand new passion–Jesus and all that He was, is and will be!! THAT is my favorite thing about me beacuse it is 100% about HIM!!


Let’s Make List to Life Unstuck in 2019!!

Share with me (and share with others–#lifeunstucklist2019) please and I will be giving away random gifts and prizes as we go!!



PS–before you go, please remember that I post my blogs right from my heart–they are not polished or edited! Thank you for your grace :)))

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