Life’s Turning Points

From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

Matt 4:17

There is Power in a single Day. Life changing Power. Power to turn the world around. Power to turn YOUR life around.

One Day—Sarah, Abraham’s Wife, was an old woman with an empty womb. The next, she was pregnant with a child of promise. She had waited 24 YEARS!!
In one day, her life changed.

One Day—David was on the RUN from Saul’s ARMIES, being tormented, falsely accused, rejected. The next day, his enemy was dead and he was KING! David had waited 15 YEARS!

One Day—Esther was just a young girl wondering what her future might look like, the next day, she was a QUEEN. One day, she was a QUEEN, the next day, she was rescuing a NATION!!! God ALWAYS has something bigger!!
Today may be your day!!

One DAY– Jeremiah was just a Jewish kid, the next day, he was a PROPHET to the World and would be quoted in the BIBLE. An eternal VOICE!!

One DAY—The Israelites were lost and bored with dinner—the next day, they were face to face with the Messiah.

One Day—The disciples were hiding away in a secret room filled with fear and uncertainty. The next day they were FILLED with the Power of the Holy Spirit—Ready to Shout from the rooftops for all to hear about their RISEN Saviour!!!

Think about it. What can happen in ONE DAY!! How life can change in a single moment, a single hour, a single day.

I was reading this morning about the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4. Reading about how Satan, just after a time of intimate connection between Jesus and the Father, tried to trip Him up!! Oh yeah…been there, done that. Not, of course, anything like what Jesus endured. I am not that important to the enemy. However, I am important. My life is about saving lives….physical, emotional and spiritual.

The call that God has placed on my life matters. The call that God has placed on YOUR life matters. The enemy is after our assignment. He is always at work attempting to divert our attention, steal our joy, weaken our defenses.

I just love how after that encounter with Satan, scripture says the words…

From that day on (NIV)….
From then on (NLT)….

That encounter with Satan did nothing to the assignment of Jesus but PUMP HIM UP!! So much that the Bible says…

From that Day on…!! WhooHooo!!

Those same words are used 2 other places in Matthew. Each time a new turn, a new day, a new level came into the live of Jesus.

Read Matt 16:21 and Matt 26:16 to see them.

Have you had any “from that day on’s” in your life??
Have you ever had a moment, an hour, a day that set you on a new course?

Please, tell me about it!

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  1. I’ve had a few of those days! The most important being when I accept Jesus into my life!!! From that day on….I was a new creation! I praise God for that daily. Fast forward 6 years later and God brought me to STS and from that day on He set a new course for me and ignited a passion in me that only grows! I never would have thought this would be such a big part of who I am today. The secret that I hid for 18 years…. Only God!

  2. That moment for me was when the Holy Spirit revealed my “older brother” tendencies and showed me a root of religion in my heart. For that day on, I understood grace, love, and truth like never before.

  3. Jenn,
    I agree. That ONE DAY changes our lives in a major and magnificent way. You are such a sweet reflection that. I am thrilled that He has chosen to use you many gifts serving and loving on our STS team!

    It is so nice to meet you in blog world. I love your blog and the words you write, I ma looking forward to getting to know you and learning more about what God is doing in you!!

    Blessings Ladies. Thank you for your visit and you comments!!

  4. My moment came three years ago. God had been wooing me and I had been resisting. I went to see the movie Amazing Grace with a good friend. In one scene, the main character says, “I didn’t find God. God found me.” And that was my moment. I knew I didn’t want to resist God any longer. I had no idea what my new course would look like, but I knew I was on one!

  5. Lisa, I LOVE that movie and completely understand the “God found me” part. Ditto my life!!
    I am so glad you said yes my friend!
    Have a blessed weekend 🙂

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