Life Unstuck Spring Cleaning Tips

 It’s the perfect time of year to chuck the old and embrace the new!
Think Spring cleaning…
What is the one thing in your home or life that could really use a deep, masterful restoration? Are the contents of your closet circa 1980? Are the dust bunnies rolling through your home like tumbleweeds? Or are YOU in need of an emotional or spiritual cleanse?
Whatever the case, it’s SPRING my friend, a time for rebirth, renewal, and reassessing goals. So let’s shake off the OLD!
Here are a few simple steps you could take:
1–Throw away the jeans you haven’t worn in 10 years (tip: experts say if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in your closet in over a year, it’s a strong sign it needs a new home:-)
2–Choose one big “cleaner-upper” project in your house that you’ve been needing to address and then dive in (play some loud music! Dance! Sing! Make it as fun as you can)
3–Re-read section three in Life Unstuck – “Purpose in the PRESENT” (or if you haven’t read Life Unstuck at all yet, visit You won’t regret it!). Those chapters were written with YOU in mind. You are woman – roar girl! Live in UNSTUCK imperfection! Use those 6 chapters to design a road map to your unique destination or goal – whatever is your heart’s desire.
4–Take some time to appreciate all your GOOD. Clap yourself on the back. You’re HERE, TODAY, NOW, IN THIS MOMENT! Yesterday is gone – good bye, so now it’s time for reevaluating your today and tomorrow. Write down some goals. Go for “IT,” whatever your IT is!!
So here are a few of my own Spring Cleaning inspirations:
6 Ways To Take Action Today for a more Organized Life – from a practical standpoint, #4 on this list is a great tip!
Think Spring! You are fresh. You are blossoming. You are favored.
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Monday blessings,

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