$100. Life Unstuck Retreat Discount For Blog Readers Only!

Are you ready to invest in your dreams? Take this QUIZ and see!



The time to act is now for the Early Girl Discounts and guess what—since you are reading this and registering during the month of JUNE, I want to bless you with an additional $100. discount!!

To qualify you MUST Leave a comment below–then register though the link on my home page and I’ll send you your discount letter!

I would love to have you join us!


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    1. I would love to have you Carrie! Sign up this month and get $100. OFF 🙂 This is an all inclusive event–you just get here and we will do the rest!

    1. I hope your dream comes true Michele–having this event is a dream of mine!! Register this month and get $100. off the total!

  1. I have been stuck for some time. I pray for a guiding hand. God is the most important thing in my life. I believe he is leading me somewhere. Just unsure where. Looking for some inspiration. Would love to attend your conference.

  2. Yes–I am so excited and ME TOO!!
    I recorded you comment and have noted your discount 🙂
    You will receive a letter soon!

  3. Pat you have already helped me in so many areas of my life. I was stuck in an awful way and because of you and your passion for hurting women your bible study STS has set me free. But I want more of God’s goodness in my life. I want to make sure all rocks are over turned so that I may be all Christ has for me in this journey we call life.

    1. Rachel I would love to have you at the retreat. We ALL have more LIFE UNSTUCK to embrace 🙂 Check out the website and pray about coming! If you register–you will receive $100 off your final cost.

    1. Beth, I GUARANTEE It will be wonderful!!
      See my promise at the bottom of the website info!!

  4. I really would love to attend this retreat! I NEED to learn how to live this “unstuck” life! Sign me up please! 🙂

  5. I agree with all these ladies! I am stuck and want to get out! I have always wanted to go to a retreat … this just might be the right time ?

  6. Hi Pat,
    God completely reworked my heart thru STS, and I have been blessed to attend a leader training with you. But over past 3 years my Life has “come undone”. I’m definitely stuck.

  7. I answered Yes to 8 of the 9 questions. I recently completed STS where God did amazing things in my life, but I am feeling a bit stuck now. I’m halfway through the book – would love to learn more at the retreat.

  8. I would really love to come and I have a dear friend that lost her husband 3 years ago and lost her oldest son last year and she has 4 other childeen at home and I feel she would really enjoy it. You are such a blessing to so many. I’m very thankful for you and all the support you give and share with us all.

  9. I have at least 5 on the quiz that apply to me. I feel that a change is coming and needed in my life but want to be certain that I’m in the will of God.

  10. Hi Pat,
    I relate to #3 and 4:)
    Get away and unplug from life, responsibilities and all the demands and recharge and reset my life compass! I want to be there.

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