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Let’s Share Secrets!

I have recently been peeking into the secret lives of several women in the Bible.
My study angle and focus is very specific. These are women, like me and you, who have some STUFF going on. Women who struggle with very bad husbands. Women who tangle with rebellious kids. Women who live lonely. Women dealing with heartache, abandonment, fear, and pride.
Women have had stories to tell starting way back in Genesis with you know who!!
I am not sure HOW MANY WOMAN stories are in the Bible but I know they take up 66 Books and close to 1 MILLION WORDS.
God chose to tell us stories of both heartbreak and victory.
He has given YOU a story to tell and I want to help you find it and tell it!
Today is LAUNCH DAY for my 2nd Online Course of 2020 and it is a DOOZY! I have been teaching my Freedom Flower Life Mapping process at woman’s conferences and retreats for about 7 years and it NEVER FAILS to bless and inspire every single woman who digs in and plants her story!
Like this one:
“Pat, I was a bit hesitant when you mentioned the crafting project at our woman’s retreat. I am NOT CRAFTY!! I just have to tell you–God had a much bigger plan for me at that retreat than I did. Through the Freedom Flower process, He reminded me of a SUPER HUGE BLESSING that He had placed in my life right in the middle of heartbreak. I had never seen it that way before. Thank you for sharing your Freedom Flower journey. I literally changed my PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE!!” Becky, San Antonio, TX
The truth is we must PLANT TODAY what we’d like to see BLOOM TOMORROW!
Your PAST is important for your PRESENT abundant life and FUTURE kingdom assignment.
Please take a leap over to my SHOP and just glance at the course–I have a FREE BONUS for my first buyers!
I would love to have you join me for a STORYTELLING ADVENTURE?

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