“Let’s Have A Tea Party G!!”

Apprehending Every Minute!!

Tastes and See that the Lord is Good!!!
Psalms 34:8

My precious little Granddaughter has a new ritual. Every time she comes to my house to visit (which praise God is often since they live practically around the corner!!) she is not here long before she states her request………………

“Let’s have a tea party G”…She prances into the kitchen to begin to point out to me what she desires for this particular party. There has to be something chocolate, PB&J cut on the angle, pink lemonade and clothe napkins!

Oh and there must be china and flowers on the table!!!

My heart just bubbles with pride. She knows her T-Party etiquette. We sit at the dinning table, say a prayer, then SHE pours for both of us. Did I say all over both of us……well, she is learning.

I am so honored to be invited to Tea with my G-Girl and understand oh so well how quickly these special moments pass.

I pray that I am never too busy for Tea Parties, never too busy to capture these little memories on my camera and in my heart, and never too busy to stop and smell the pink lemonade!!

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  1. Pat,

    I wasn’t sure where to post. I didn’t realize all of the different blogs you contribute to. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my post. God is certainly doing a work in my life, I just wish He would hurry up. Ha. I am going back now to read your other blog, I’ve been on the “pantylines” blog (which is probably where we met) But I’m going to read the other two now.

    Thanks again my new friend,

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