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Let’s Claim This Season of Freedom!

Please join me on Permission to Pause Episodes 51-55, which will actually lead us on a QUEST for all that God has for us!


As the seasons change and holiday hustle looms on the horizon, let’s take some treasured time over the next few weeks, to dig deep into God’s promises for our LIFE UNSTUCK.

If we have been friends for a while, you likely know about my book Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with Your Past; Purpose in Your Present and Passion for Your Future. 

I never get tired of sharing that book simply because of the life changing hope found in the sub title alone, but also because the entire book is built upon the timeless fullness and beauty of Psalm 139.

Over the next 5 Pauses together, we are going to soak in those 24 verses while at the same time embracing their life changing potential by claiming them for ourselves via an UNSTUCK MANIFESTO.

I am going to pray those words over you, and believe God with you, each week for 3 weeks!

You can download a FREE COPY to read along and post somewhere that you can see everyday by visiting my website at patlayton.net

Lets do this together friend–it’s truly a life changing way to work our way towards a NEW YEAR!

Remember–this QUEST will continue for 5 Episodes (51-55) so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the podcast on your favorite platform so you won’t miss any of it!

As soon as this series is over–stay close for a FIRST TIME OFFERED Christmas Quest! (in fact, while you are on my website grabbing your UNSTUCK MANIFESTO–sign up for that–think CHRISTMAS!)

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