Let Freedom Ring

(Edited from my post on the Surrendering the Secret Blog)

Today is 4th of July. Freedom Day.

A day that our country has set aside for giving thanks for our natural Freedom.

A day to acknowledge and honor those who sacrificed to make that freedom a reality.

That is easy for me to do.

My husband Mike, served as a Marine in Vietnam.

He doesn’t talk much about the things he did and saw during his 13 months of what he calls the “longest, hottest days and the coldest nights” of his life. He does talk about trudging through rice paddies carrying an 85 pound pack filled with sea rations, his radio and ammunition that he prayed not to need, through the high 90’s heat of the day. At night, he and his battalion slept on the wet ground, sometimes in actual mud puddles, in 60-degree cold night air. Fatigues became pajamas and explosions of warfare the nightlight of death in the distance.

His job as a Forward Artillery Observer, sometimes required him to go FIRST, ahead of his comrades, friends and even leaders, to scope out enemy activity and send information back to the troops.

He is my hero and we owe him, as well as many other brave soldiers, for the safety of our land.

However, Mike would be the first to give all glory to Christ who was Mikes’ Forward Artillery Observer. Jesus went first for our freedom, our eternal life, both here and in heaven.

As I think of this day, my heart is full for you all as well as you serve in one of today’s bloodiest battles and hold a similar strategic position on behalf of the Sanctity of all Human Life, specifically on behalf of those injured and maimed by abortion.

You are heroes of today, of this culture, you fight a silent but deadly battle against the enemy of all LIFE.

War is raging in our nation, blood is being shed daily.

There is very little noise in the room of an abortion clinic.

No explosions.

No fireworks.

No scream in defense and warning of enemy attack. There are no cannons or tanks or bombs.

Only the shame filled sob coming from a desperate, heartbroken mother, the drone of a vacuum cleaner and the clanking of instruments of death.

Just the same…lives are depending upon you to GO AHEAD!

As part of a quiet army, we are proud and excited to watch our ground forces grow. We are blessed by your continued connection and reports.

We are praying for you as we fight this fight together.

I want to tell you about a few exciting new things that are happening here at STS INTERNATIONAL office.


If you haven’t looked at our website lately, check out you fellow soldiers on our website under leaders!

After only 2 ½ years of training Leaders, we have 593 “Certified STS Leaders” (those who have taken our one day training) in 39 US States and 11 other countries!

I want to tell you about 2 VERY IMPORTANT Things!!

First, I have a publishing contract for a new Chapter Book version of STS. The manuscript is due to the publisher on September 15th and I need YOU!! Particularly YOU or YOUR MEN! The new book will be incorporating stories from MEN and COUPLES who have been healed and restored from the heartbreak of abortion.

PLEASE, PLEASE Send us your contact information TODAY if you would like to be a part of the book. We will send you a questionnaire that you will complete for us to share your story.

Next, due to the success of our One-Day training and the number of requests we receive, we are expanding our National Trainer Team. Our desire is to fill the Nation with STS National Trainers. If you feel that God has placed the ministry of post abortion recovery, using STS, on your heart, PLEASE contact us today for an information pack. NOTE!!! We have updated our plan so if you have done this before, please reconnect with us for the current plan.

We are excited about these upcoming trainings:

July 25 Charlotte, NC

August 6 San Diego, Ca

Sept 16,17 Cincinnati, Oh

Oct 18 Pa

Oct 21,22 Boston, Ma

If you would like to help promote or attend an  STS Certified Leader Training in your area, please contact us for the WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE.

My Assistant Jennifer Kittredge at jkittredge@awpm.net and I are available to help you!

BTW—My JUNE Blog Friend Winners are:

Stephanie Smith

Sara Berg and

Lisa @ Freed for Freedom

Please email Jenn your contact info and we will send your goodies!

My July Contest will be my BEST EVER with New and Upcoming Books Galore from The International Christian Retail Show that I’ll be attending in a few weeks!

Say Hello Below to be entered.

Let Freedom Ring.


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  1. here’s my “hello”! 🙂
    I would like to be included in the new chapter book for STS! I will email my contact info to Jennifer if you will let me know what I should include.
    Also, hopefully one day I will be able to attend a leadership conference. I know I would like an information packet on that so I can know exactly what a leader with STS does.
    thank you for your blog today. I needed the encouragement!

  2. Thank you Anita,
    We would be honored to have you in the book and as an STS leader.
    Connect with Jenn and you are in 🙂

  3. Hello!
    I would like to be entered in your contest! I will be seeing you in Grand Rapids, MI in October! Thanks SO much,
    Stephanie 🙂

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