Lessons in Leaning!

Interesting fact–One little letter change in the title above and you have the word LEARNING 🙂 After all–the school doors are flinging open right? We may as well get on the bus!


Can’t you just smell the erasers and chalk dust??!! Next thing we know–out come the sweaters and boots! Life is moving fast isn’t it?

We’re in a season of life change right now. Can you feel it? No matter how young or old you are. Regardless of whether you even have KIDS or not! It’s back-to-school mania. Every store I walk into lately seems to be a-buzz with the excited chatter of children rushing from one isle to the next, harried parents zooming along in their wake.  Sometimes, I imagine I can see the bubble cloud materialize – POP – to hover in the air just above the grown-ups head – “How much is THIS gonna cost?” “UGH, he’s going to pick THAT backpack?” “Do stores TRY to make these isles so small?”

Oh, those were the days.

What is it about this time of year that creates a force field of frenzy?  We ALL seem to live in this “buzzing” space.  Even those of us Grandparents that have long ago packed our last school lunch.  This busy time has become so much of a “thing” that we’ve NAMED it; we’ve actually made it a noun: Back-To-School.  But what IS it about these few weeks that suck us in?  Change, change, and more change.  EEKS – it’s like a dirty word, uncomfortable.

How do YOU handle seasons of change?

Take a minute (while you are waiting in that LONG Back-To-School line at Target) and think about the last change you experienced in life–whether it be big or small – search the archives of your mind to the FEELINGS that preceded that event.  Can you think of something?  Maybe the night before YOU started a new school year?  A new job? An important presentation?  It seems to me that when a change is in the air, people – even the most poised- become a little ruffled (on the inside, the outside or both).

What do you think of CHANGE??

What if God allows us the discomfort of those unanswered insecurities to help prepare us for the transition that lay ahead, kind of like a change of air pressure before a rainstorm.  We just have to tune in to hear the whisper or the roar of God’s voice.  Now isn’t that so GREAT of Him??  I like a “heads-up” to prepare.  GOD IS GOOD.

It’s what we DO with those feelings that lift up our spirit!

Will you be leaning AWAY FROM or TOWARD the God of change to embrace a new love lesson?

What direction are YOU leaning today?

Love to read your thoughts and feel blessed by your stopping the BUZZ to chat!


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  1. This year has been full of change for us! I handled the first wave of change by leaning away from God, sad to say, but I am trying to lean into Him more with this next wave. In the space of 4 months, we went from both my husband and me working steady 40 hr/week jobs to my husband working crazy hours in a job that proved to be a bad fit, to me being the sole provider and my husband exploring starting his own business. Oh, and we have a 2-year-old and 5 animals. Phew! I am learning to lean in and see God’s hand in all of this, and I do have more of a sense of peace these days, for which I am grateful. We shall see what happens next!

    1. Wow! Lisa, what a journey. I am so grateful for your growing sense of peace and believe with you that God’s got this and YOU!!!
      Prayers and blessings, thank you so much for taking time to share, you blessed my heart!

  2. AT the beginning of 2014, I felt that it would be a year of loss…which also means change. Surely it has been. My very independent Mother who has lived alone for 10 years, shopped, driven, etc. all on her own, suddenly became unable to do any of the above. They call it multi-infarct dementia. Her brain is having little heart attacks/strokes, and it is stealing her functioning. Suddenly, my sister and I have become the parents, and she the child. The decline has been sudden, and rapid. Almost weekly I see her slipping away. I’ve leaned into the Lord in new ways, and found Him totally faithful. I’m thankful I was at a place in my faith walk where I knew to lean into Him.

    1. Leah–oh my how I get this. I treasure my now Mom’s health every day. She turns 83 in a few days and has also lived alone for over 10 years. Life is precious and tender. I pray for your strength and supernatural love!
      Hugs friend,

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