Last Day for June Book Give-Away

One Half of 2011 has officially come to an end. These months have blown by in a wisp of wild and wonderful living that sometimes feel and look (in my mirror) like time travel on steroids.

So far this year I have been to Alaska; Denver; New Mexico; Alabama; Ohio; Arkansas; Virginia and West Virginia. I am packing now for Georgia and North Carolina. I have spoken at 14 events and celebrated 14 Immediate Family Birthdays!! Fill in the blanks with a husband who gave me a family of 12; leading a local ministry, grocery shopping and getting my teeth cleaned. No wonder I look old 🙂

The truth is I am thankful and happy to be living the life God has designed for me. It is amazing but not always fun. We have our family moments. We have disappointments. We have misunderstandings and hospital hallways. But the bottom line is being in the place of peace and rest that God has for each of us.

How about you? Are you content with your life? Can you say that you are living in the land of peace and rest that God desires and designed specifically for YOU? Psalm 139 is the proof.

I started working on a post this morning during my prayer time about that PERFECT PLACE OF PEACE that belongs to each of us.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to be entered in my JUNE GIVE-AWAY!!

Over the weekend I will be having one of my G-babies draw a name from my June Commenter’s. I always say that “tongue-in-cheek” as I am not Blog-Mamma so my faithful and few blog friends and visitors have a VERY GOOD CHANCE of winning one of these 3 Goodies:

The Team That Jesus Built by my dear friend Janet Thompson—-

A BEAUTIFUL new book Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart that I just had the privilege of previewing and the joy of chatting with the Author, Leanne Stevenson. (I can’t wait to meet you face to face Leanne 🙂

And last but so not least, a book that will empty your heart and fill it back again….Thin Places by Mary DeMuth.

Right now I have 15  friend’s who have left greetings and thoughts on my blog who are in the mixing bowl. Some of them multiple times!! I hope you will join them. (BTW–Facebook Friends, please leave a greeting HERE. I have discovered, although I love them, it is too difficult for me to keep up with Facebook comments for my giveaways.)

Drop in on me by saying Hello Below 🙂 and I’ll drop your name into the mix!!

I am heading out in a few days to the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta. I always come home with boxes and boxes of new books so my July Book Give-Away is going to Sizzle!!

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  1. This is the 2nd time in as many days that I have heard about the ICRS in Atlanta. Wish my publisher had a booth there. I would love to have gone.

    I’m not sure I’m in that place of peace right NOW. I have been and I know I will be again, but God is up to something…some rearranging in my heart and there is not much peaceful about it. Oh, I have the peace of Christ…that knowing that He is my all and my everything, but there is not a peace about where i am (ministry-wise) right now.

  2. Leah,
    I completely understand the difference between “comfortable” and “peaceful” 🙂
    I have peace with you that God is leading you into the places you should go!!

  3. I am waiting on God to open the doors for me and show me where to plug in. My 3 kids are grown and gone…the youngest will be 19 in two weeks.
    Because of my relationship with Christ I have peace but contentment at where I am and what I am doing?? That’s hard to have on a daily basis right now.

  4. Ooh, “peace” versus “content” and “comfortable” – I’ve never thought about that distinction before. Good food for thought. I know I am where God has called me to be right now; however, because it doesn’t look the way I think it “should” look or the way I think I want it to look, I dwell in discontentment. Oh, how sinful and defeating, which is exactly what our enemy wants! I have so many thoughts swirling around this right now. I think I feel a blog post or two coming on 😉

    Saying a prayer for you, Leah and Anita 🙂

    And Pat, I have so enjoyed “chatting” on your blog this month! I’m looking forward to continuing 🙂

  5. Anita, I understand, we all go through ups and downs and seasons in life don’t we? I have so many friends who are in transition that has begun with “empty nest”. I just want to encourage you that if you are in “ACTIVE” wait (praying, trying things out, taking steps towards your dreams) during the process, you will soon discover it to truly be the best time of your life 🙂

    Dear Lisa, I have loved getting to know you better this month. I’ll be checking in on that blog post girl 🙂

  6. How you can feel so content and at peace and at the same time feel like you are on a very fast moving train with no way of getting off (not that I really want to) is only something God could do! Such utter peace to know I am right where God wants and at the same time have the human side of me feeling like I am on a “wild ride” as Beth Moore says is crazy! But yet here I am! It is so out of character for me to let go and let God be in control and know that while I cannot possibly lead this next group, He can and He will and this is good with my soul. For several years I felt like I was definitely in the dead of winter little did I know what God would bring with Spring! So Anita be prepared!

    Thank you Pat for your obedience, it has truly blessed my life!

  7. Hmm that perfect place of peace…comes after i have shut the distractions off, let it go, and given Christ my full attention. It’s a daily choice!

    i would love to be entered to win Mary DeMuth’s book 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. Hi Pat,

    This is my first visit to your blog. I’m happy to have stumbled upon you and plan to visit often!!


  9. I am content. I have had two close calls with death so I firmly believe that I must be where God wants me to be.

  10. I’ve had a few tough years—God working out His plan in my life. I’ve come to a better place of rest in Him and have a ways yet to go. I’ve been learning how to forgive and be in control of my ego—letting go of some needed things. I trust Him to continue what He has started, and am in awe of all He has done and will do! Thanks for the opportunity to visit.

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