Just Released! Life Unstuck Group Study Kit!

I am beyond excited!

This is ALMOST as good as the actual release of Life Unstuck a few months ago. It’s like birthing a new baby! I can not wait to show her off!

Life Unstuck Product Cover

Here is what the Group Kit Includes:

8 Downloadable Videos

**A Promo from Lysa TerKeurst (3 minutes)

**Life Unstuck Launch Video from ME, taped at our live launch event in March with over 1500 women! (25  minutes)

**6 weekly sessions taught by me at my home church Grace Family Church in Tampa and fed by satellite to 4 locations.

The 6 Session Titles and Video Run Times–

Week 1: Life Unstuck is a Heart Condition (25:14)

Week 2: Just Imagine Who and Whose You Are! (20:46)

Week 3: Unstuck Peace with the Past (21:32)

Week 4: Unstuck Purpose in the Present   (24:39)

Week 5: Unstuck Passion for the Future (22:13)

Week 6: Life Unstuck (26:36)

**A Leader Guide-PDF that includes:

**6 Weeks of Participant Worksheet Handouts/Blank-PDF

**6 Weeks of Participant Worksheet Handout WITH Answers–PDF

Study Kit Features:

* Dynamic Teaching video based on Pat’s 6 weeks presentation of Life Unstuck at a live event with over 300 women for 6 weeks.

* A fresh and exciting look at Psalm 139 presented in a personally applicable way.

* Biblically-rooted and gospel centered teaching.

* Leader Handbook including group suggestions and organization

* Personal Study Notes for use in group interaction and homework study guide to help the participant spend time knowing and being known through Psalm 139.

* Leader answers to Study Notes

Benefits of the Group Study Kit! 

  • Encouragement and support for group leader in getting groups going and leading.
  • Reliable Biblical truth and direction for weekly interaction.
  • Several study options are offered to the participant based upon personal life demands, spiritual maturity and commitment ability to study.
  • Opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and development.
  • Life Unstuck can be a significant life changing study for women who are ready to commit to make a personal investment in a deeper faith walk. At the same time, God promises that His Word does not return void. He can be trusted to complete the work He begins in every woman in His time and according to her readiness.


Leader Kit   $49.99 *Introductory Special for One Month! All your ladies need to bring is a Life Unstuck Book, you will provide the rest!

Also to celebrate the launch of this new kit, just in time for FALL Bible Studies–I am including a FREE 30 MINUTE GROUP SKYPE for the first 20 Buyers!

So please, purchase your kit today!! I want to meet you and your ladies! 

I’m so excited 🙂


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  1. Wow, did your post ever resonate with me today… And one thousand others. Since salvation I’ve known I was peculiar, in a first a 1 Peter 2:9 kind of way, before that I thought I was just weird. ? in 2010 God said “speak” and I said “no.” Not a wise answer. I’ve lost every job I’ve had since then, either because of funding, no reason at all and even was fired once. I knew each time why, but speaking requires not only obedience it requires a faith in me to survive relying on God. I fugured the jobs were easier. I’m the queen of unfinished projects, I’m good at much, great at little. I so “get” your post… Yes I’m stuck… Waiting for God to move, or me. I’m not sure which. Thanks for the post and the shared sisterhood in “stuckness.”

    1. Ditto Shari! We are definitely a “sisterhood” and need one another so much!!
      Hugs and weekend blessings!

  2. Oh Sister Pat,
    Once again you have found me in my discouraged place and shown me light and hope! I was told the teaching positions I applied for that I didn’t fit what their need was….I’m an elementary teacher…they had 3 & 6 grade openings…both grades I have taught and used the same curriculum they use…to say I felt UNCHOSEN is an understatement. Then just yesterday my husband whom I see seldomly because he works out of town tells me he’s planning a fishing trip…but it’s guys only….we’ve talked about how this year because of his work schedule we haven’t been able to go fishing and how much I’ve missed that time together…..once again UNCHOSEN! My heart hurt so much yesterday I thought it would break into…I could hardly breathe. Thank you for being a light and shining in a world full of darkness and loneliness! Love ya Sister!!! Keep up what you’re doing because I know God is speaking through you!!!
    Love & Prayers
    Paula Kaye

  3. “Unchosen” – a self-imposed adjective for myself most of my childhood and young adult years. I am the middle girl of three. My older sister was class valedictorian and active in student government activities. My younger sister was the coddled baby of the family, active in sports, and quite academically smart as well. I did well in school but never to the degree my sisters did. I always felt like I was a disappointment. This never came from my parents. It was a label I put on myself. One time when I was feeling especially low, I talked to my parents about it. That was the day I began to realize I wasn’t “less than,” but special in my own uniqueness. My parents told me that I was the one with compassion and a heart for others. That was where I shined. I was treasured and valued in a different but no less special way. I was Chosen.

    1. Linda, I truly understand this. I was “the oldest” and grew up with lots of expectations, mostly MY OWN! Sounds like you were blessed with some very wise parents! Your are treasured, AND appreciated for sharing!!

      BTW–I hope you see this, you won a Life Unstuck Book!! email me at patlayton@mac.com

  4. Yay, so happy for you. I am so excited to get the kit and read the book with friends. I really enjoyed reading the book the first time around and really look forward to sharing it with a group of ladies.

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