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It’s Time To Tell Your Story!

Happy Saturday!

If you are here from my email this morning, WELCOME! Thank you for wanting to hear more about my very first A Woman’s Quest course launch!

If you are NOT on my email list, I hope you will take a quick minute to sign up here on my website–right to your right on THIS page!→→→

This blog post is kind of a happy dance for me. I am taking a minute to share yet ANOTHER dream come true for me. I have ALREADY announced my little playground website for Simple Hospitality. Over 10,000—yep, you heard me right—10,000 friends have already visited that little adventure in the past few weeks. I will be posting there later today so check it out! My “goal” is every Saturday!

Leave me a comment below if you have visited Simple Hospitality and let me what you’d like to talk about there.

That is a fun place for me to share some home happy—but THIS—THIS!!

What I am “launching” today is a long-held ministry dream–ummm…like 5 years!!

I have done SO MUCH HARD WORK on this material over the past few months, more than once I have asked myself, is it worth it??!! The answer is always a still, small voice that says YES!  YES! It is worth it!

So here it is–I pray you will join me and share with a friend!

You (and my email friends) are the first to know about a new series of online courses, bible studies (and events someday) I am releasing one by one. I pray that they will serve you in your own personal quest of faith.

A Woman’s Quest is a faith-building and ministry enriching series I have been dreaming of for years. It is finally ready to share. My amazing “beta” groups have helped me complete my first online and face to face course to offer you today. I have 3 more in the waiting room.

A Woman’s Quest courses work through scripture study, journaling, hands-on assignments and personal coaching.

This QUEST series might be for you if:

__1. You feel God has called you to share your story through speaking and/or writing and you need help starting.

__2. You are a new or growing Christain who would love to have a personal mentor to help you along your faith journey.

__3. You feel STUCK somewhere in a past hurt, a present challenge or an unknown future.

__4. You have a ministry or life dream but are not sure it is actually from God or that you should tell anyone.

__5. You are currently a leader or speaker who needs to dig out of a few STUCK places.

__6. You need a fresh encounter or a question answered from God and would like to have a Quest Guide to help you.

__7. You got out of bed this morning and understand that God wants to use your life!

I am thrilled to tell all my closest friends about my very first “kick-off” course.


                                                                              Sharing Your Story Through Speaking and Writing.

Sharing Your Story for Speaking and Writing is a short video course for EVERYONE!

We ALL have a story to tell and we ALL SPEAK AND WRITE in one form or another, even if it is for our children and grandchildren.

In this one hour course, I share 7 Simple Keys to Speaking and Writing YOUR Personal Story.

God’s directions in Revelation 12:11 that say we actually DEFEAT THE DEVIL when we share our story.

Still, sharing is not always easy.

I have been speaking and writing my personal story for over 30 years. I have learned a whole lot about what to say and what NOT TO SAY 🙂

I treasure the mentors who helped me get better. Now I would love to help you.

If this is you and you would like to join me, please click on the link to learn more–

Let’s get UNSTUCK and find PEACE, PURPOSE and PASSION together.

Happy Saturday friend!


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