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It’s Time to Heal Your Heartbreak!

I read a quote recently that said if you think someone’s healing is taking too long–just be thankful it isn’t YOUR HEART that is broken.

I have spent a lifetime of ministry working with women with broken hearts. I started over 30 years ago helping women heal from past abortions and unplanned pregnancy. As time has gone on, I have served women for every kind of heartbreak you can imagine.

Loss of a loved one.




Moral failures.



A few common responses to unhealed heartbreak sound like this:

its’ time to move on

God has forgiven (him…her…them) you should too

“it’s been long enough, it’s time to forget

looking back is a waste of time

“that shouldn’t be effecting your life anymore

As I have served that huge community for 3 decades– I have discovered these truths about why is it critical to take whatever time it takes to GO BACK–TO GET AHEAD! To truly find FREEDOM and PEACE WITH THE PAST!

I am beyond excited to release TODAY an updated and refreshed, biblically based and Jesus guaranteed resource for healing ANY KIND OF HEARTBREAK.

Healing a Woman’s Heart: 8 Steps From Your Past to Your Purpose! 

You can find it on AMAZON, right now! If you don’t need it SOMEONE YOU LOVE does!

I hope you will join me as I spend a few blog post and “live” on social media to talk about these 6 Truths!

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