It’s Beginning to Look a LITTLE Like Christmas!

Yesterday we focused our thoughts on how we are going to decorate or entertain during this holiday season.


Today is Saturday, a good day, especially for those of us with outside jobs, to run a few errands and gather a few supplies. Our goal is an UNSTUCK Christmas where we may spend some time, like Zechariah did, ministering to the Lord and trusting Him with our needs. Tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent, so today is a great day to get some chores out of the way in preparation for some extra quiet time tomorrow.

Remember, our 30 day goal is “quiet time, reflective response, an intentional journey to the manger.”
We shall do our best, right?!! No pressure just encouragement!

As for an UNSTUCK HOME–The weekend after Thanksgiving I always make my list, as we suggested earlier, then I drag out my decorations and decide what I need from last year.

Easy tip: As I pack up my Christmas each year, I normally write a list of the items I need for NEXT year on my NEW Calendar on the October page. For example if I need batteries for a front door wreath, extra greenery, more bulb hooks…I will note them on October 2016 page so that I remember early next year.

So, go ahead and gift yourself with a new 2106 calendar that will be ready and waiting for your list as you pack away this year’s Christmas, or you may want to jot down reminders in your 30 day notebook! Of course, those savvy techies may just make a notation in her digital calendar.

Let’s get some HOME work done today shall we?

Decorating, cooking, gift ideas–are on my mind today 🙂 What about you? What does your home living look like today?

I love hearing from you!


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  1. Day 3 is the first I have received. Is there a place I can look up the first 2? I don’t want to miss a bit.

  2. Hello Pat,
    Today was a sad, happy day. My daughter, her husband and beautiful 9month old granddaughter moved. We loaded them up and I cried as I had to say goodbye. It is a good move for them and I know my daughter will be happy, but my mama and gramma heart hurts. Tomorrow I will begin to pull out Christmas – my nativity first – and thank God for His faithfulness. And miss them on our first Sunday apart.

  3. Pat I thought I had signed up for 30 Day Unstuck Christmas…have not received it. Is it too late? The new member of your family…precious Molly is adorable!!! love and hugs, Judy

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