It’s Been Fun But I’m Glad it’s Done! 5 “Not so Easy Steps” to a Home Office Do-Over.

A few weeks ago I shared about my latest spontaneous project that just about cost me my marriage. Well, it’s finally finished and honey is still here. Which has been the case for many years. He is a big ‘ole teddy bear. Growls a bit now and then but in the end calms down with a good dinner.

Check out this post and photos of where I started: “Honey, Don’t….Please” This is what the consignment shop picked up.


Here’s where I ended up!!

and this:


A look at my “Wild Side”.


What do you think??

After 3 weeks and some wear and tear on my weekends, I have a little advice to offer.

These are my “Martha Stewart wanna be” tips for updating a room.

1) Have an inspiration picture. I always have a picture of what I want my room to look like when I am done. I use pictures for holiday decorating, for dinner party planning, for outfits I like and definitely for rooms that I want to decorate. I use sales catalogs from Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, ect. to inspire me and give me ideas.

2) Measure your room carefully and draw a picture of the layout that you want. I even take pictures on my IPhone and my camera to carry around shopping with me since I easily forget details. I also carry around my paint swatch and inspiration picture in case I spot any accessories that might work.

3) Determine your budget ahead of time and make a shopping list. (I don’t do this part but it is a VERY good idea 🙂 I recommend it!

4) Shop-Shop-Shop. This was the part my honey was so grouchy–I mean patient about, but it paid off big time!! I had no idea how much office furniture cost when I watched mine go onto the back of a truck headed for the consignment shop. BTW–I did just get a check for $ 130.00 for the 3 items they sold. Every little bit helps. We ended up saving lots of money between the first desk I picked out and the one I actually bought at American Signature Home for $299.!!

5) Be patient–Everything cost more, takes longer and is more complicated than I originally plan when it comes to decorating. I had to hang and rehang my curtains and my project board several times even though I measured and taped ahead. First the nails popped out of the wall, then I ended up off balance. (not me, that is, my drapes!!) That’s just the way it is.

Anyway, It was fun and I LOVE my new office…LOVE IT!! NOW, I have to work! It is going to be fun to IMAGINE things in here!!

Speaking of WEEKENDS, I would love to have you join me for one girls!

“Freedom Weekends”

We have three of them planned before Summer. They are in North Carolina, Colorado and Texas.

You must be somewhere close to one of those!! See my speaking schedule tab for dates and contacts.

My “Imagine Me…Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free” Dream Board!

Now, I am off to make honey some dinner!!

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  1. I absolutely love the black furniture and all the black accent pieces – so pretty!!! And that rug … l-o-v-e it!

    Great tips too. I am building my own house right now so I appreciate your advice.

  2. OK, so- where did you get the cork board? I’m in the market for one above my desk and I love it! Does honey travel out of state to share his painting expertise? 🙂


  3. Hi girls, I do love working in my new office. It makes “work” so much more fun having things organized.

    Susan, I got the cork board at Ballard Designs. I LOVE their stuff and still have a wish list going!

    As for Honey painting….I will let YOU ask 🙂

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