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Happy, sweet and wonderful Wednesday to you my bloggy friend.

If you are reading this blog, my guess is that you are NOT someone who signed up to receive 30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas through your email–however, you MIGHT BE someone who has signed up to receive my BLOG POST through your email. I so hope you are not BOTH, and being bothered 2x’s each day that I post on my blog—If so, I apologize. I have no way of stopping that.

Regardless of how/why you are reading this today—I am a bit weepy with honor today as I consider the blessing of our journey together. We have walked through the Holy Scriptures and shared a few thoughts about the birth of our Jesus. We have considered our blessings, our hopes and dreams and our pain. That is about as personal as you can get.

Prayerfully you have found a place for a Home or Harvest idea and have enjoyed our goal of “a quiet time, a reflective response and an INTENTIONAL Journey to the manger.” I realize how busy things can get during this time. It has happened to me too. I am trusting God with your decision to join this group and believing Him for a word of encouragement, hope or healing over the past 28 days. Here we go as we head into our last few days together (for THIS journey anyway).

I pray that you are prayerfully considering the next one.

Enjoy today and look for Jesus!

DAY 28
“A message from a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel… glory to God in the highest, and peace to men on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

This message was proclaimed to the shepherds living in nearby fields. Fast-forward today, and it is a message for US, fellow sojourners for the past 30 Days to an Unstuck Christmas.

This is the second time we hear the angels naming those who are in God’s favor.

Mary was highly favored, and now the angels declare that peace will be bestowed on those whom God’s favor rests. THAT IS US!!

To show favor means to endow others with special advantages and gifts. God favors us – me and you! In the midst of any situation he can provide us with the peace, purpose and passion we need for the moment.

We have taken the time (as best we could!) to internalize the favor of God.

Again today, let’s intentionally express our love and gratitude and let others know that God’s love and favor is unconditional and always available to every open heart.

Prayer: Lord, this is the day that you have made! I claim and PROCLAIM that your FAVOR RESTS ON ME and that my dreams, needs and desires are in your hands. I proclaim your goodness and your faithfulness to all around me so that they too might realize your love today!

Nothing says Christmas like a scavenger hunt!! This sweet activity is NOT just for kids! If you’re hosting a Christmas dinner OR attending a family or friend’s house, walk around the neighborhood in groups to spot the holiday items. You will SEE Jesus in every smile; You will Hear Jesus in every laugh; You will Feel Jesus in every heart! Click on the image for a printable version!

Seek favor with someone today! When we seek favor, we delight in that other person, relish a reciprocal connection and esteem his/her words and/or actions. Let’s be honest though, we’re all sharing a divine experience of the very human condition. In other words, we’re NOT perfect! Imagine that.

Yes, we’ve been talking these last few weeks about HOW to harvest our good intentions, but now that we’re just days away from our Christmas celebration, how are we doing? Life is sticky and it’s easy to slip back into the frenzy of life, forgetting our good intentions as we go.

So let’s take a step back and remember our shared Harvest ideas. Pull one out, dust it off, and make it happen! Seek favor with someone today.

I would be grateful for you to check out my book Life Unstuck as a guide for your NEW YEAR! I’ll be sharing some ways we could walk that 2017 journey together!

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Blessings today!


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