It’s All About da Base, ’bout da base, ’bout da base!

I shared on my last post, about my HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Of course, none of us knows completely “what God has prepared for those who love Him”, right?! He is a 3D God!

His plan is Omnipotent: unlimited.

His plan is Omniscient: all knowing, all seeing, all wise.

His plan is Omnipresent: boundless, infinite, everywhere at the same time.

Mine is not.

My plan for the New Year is based upon what I see, what I feel, what I need, what I want to accomplish. Hopefully those “I’s” carry a tiny bit of His 3-D living inside of me!

One of the many things I love about January is that the whole world gives you permission, encourages you and even joins you–to REFLECT–REDIRECT–DREAM! I am constantly doing those things as I am very reflective and constantly redirecting, but in January, it’s a PARTY! Everybody is doing it! I have read a few (of the one thousand billion) blog post that have shared some ideas about how to set better resolutions and how to make all your dreams come true. Most of them are insightful, catchy and sincere.

I have been journaling and praying for a few weeks now as I attempt to REFLECT–REDIRECT–DREAM. Amongst the many things I have listed in my journal and laid out before The Lord for His direction, is this blog.

I have been blogging for about 8 Years! Yep–8 years!! I started with a blog called Sweet Tea. 

Which leads me to my blog title (I know you were wondering :)) so I have to take a little detour to explain which will make this post a bit longer than my goal of 500 words. I hope you stay.

My husband and kids say that I am constantly either singing, humming or whistling. I respond to their “heads up–yhoo-hoo” aka–PLEASE STOP!, with “no-one can whistle, sing or hum unless they are happy!” (or pathologically unbalanced but either way…). My music usually comes from my latest worship track or a great new song I heard at church, good clean God stuff! However, over the holidays I have watched a LOT of Hallmark Christmas silliness so THIS COMMERCIAL/SONG has stuck in my head and is constantly in my hum, whistle or song!

WARNING: If you are easily offended don’t watch this! I DO have a point in sharing it!! Also–go get a snack during the commercial intro!

It seems lately that this is one for the top pop singles, so after singing, humming and whistling the chorus for weeks–I decided to take a full listen. Ok–there are a few naughty words in here and a confused message (sorry) but I have never been afraid to slip my Jesus into the real world. I founded a crisis pregnancy center for HEAVEN’S SAKE! Not only that but my Jesus chasing self came from the slimy bottom. I have discovered that is where Jesus fishes!

There are some words and messages in this song that I do not like, however, the Bible says the enemy takes the message of God and twists it to lies. The truth is “EVERY INCH OF YOU IS PERFECT!! The Bible says so in Psalm 139:14 and I wrote about it in my soon coming new book!

Here is my point.

As I reflected about my year, this blog stood out on my list, again. I have often considered stopping my writing here. Over the past few years, my website and my blog has taken some kind of turn away from my love for writing what I’m thinking towards what I think it is supposed to be: “consistent, focused, edited :), polished, poetically written”.

I am NONE of those things.

I discovered that my blog has become more of a place of stress for me than fun. I am constantly stressing about “Who is reading? What aren’t my visitors commenting? How many things can I afford to keep giving away to keep people coming?” So, I pondered, do I shut it down or do I do what I am best at and JUST BE ME, HAVE FUN and HOPE it encourages someone else to just be them! I chose the later.

I was absolutely thrilled to read a post by one of my very faves–Emily Freeman–that helped me clarify my thoughts. Emily helped me get UNSTUCK!!

Instead, of trying to be like everybody I admire–I have decided to JUST BE ME–(I’ts all About Da base!) I am not only going to have my website REDESIGNED but I am going to  REDIRECT my blogging style for 2015 to better fit ME.

I decided, when I want to dance with words, I will read Emily Freeman’s Chatting at the Sky or Ann VosKamps A Holy Experience or my friend Melinda Garman’s Traveling the Road Home!

When I want a dose of wisdom and life support, I will read Lysa Terkeurst . There is no one quite like her out there IMO 🙂

When I want Biblical Inspiration from God’s Word, I read Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Cain. I also adore Liz Curtis Higgs!

When I want home life, creative inspiration, everyday living, eye candy, I read Everything Etsy (of course!), Inspired Living, HGTV (I’m winning the 2015 Dream Home!!-I’m just saying’!)

When I need some emotional support I read Holly Gerth  or Renee Swope.

Those are just what come to mind today!! There ARE plenty of great blogs out there with great things to share and I will always share them!

This is what my blog does for me–and I hope for you! It is A Place to Pause, Ponder and Play!

1. Every cloud has a silver lining. God made them that way! Jesus came for our Life Unstuck and personal freedom (John 10:10) I’m after it!I want to talk about THAT! Sometimes.

2. There is no such thing as an ordinary life. God doesn’t make junk. He creates masterpieces. My desire  is to keep watching my EtraOrdinary Life unfold and help you connect with yours! Sometimes.

3. God says “whatever is lovely”–find it and think about it”. I am no professional decorator or photographer but I love beautiful things–a beautiful and welcoming home, holiday decorating, playing in my garden, pretty (sometimes yummy) food, clothes, Shamefully Spectacular Shoes, Shamefully Spectacular Shoes (Oh, I said that already LOL!) sunsets, waterfalls, children playing, gardens..I want to write about those. Sometimes.

4. Life Unstuck means Unstuck Perfection. I don’t have it. You don’t have it. Lets not judge one another. Lets play nice and make God proud of His daughters! ALL THE TIME!

5. Last but not least–Life is precious. I want to live ever tiny morsel while loving God with all my heart-mind and body. I want to share what I learn from God’s Word. It is my way of processing and planting what I learn deeper in my heart. God has been leading me for months to apply what I have learned in writing Life Unstuck to the women of the bible and how we can learn from them. Thats what I am going to do. Once each (most) weeks, hopefully onMonday, but maybe on Wednesday. I will share what I am studying and hearing in hopes of creating some dialog and community together.

Last after the last–THERE WILL BE TYPOS!!

So there you have it, my brain on overflow.

I would LOVE to hear from you about anything but I’m very OK if you just want to read, consider for yourself and move on along 🙂 I am grateful you read all (2 1/2 blog post worth) 1200 words written here.

Share if you’d like–

Your favorite websites/blogs?

Some of your resolutions?

The song going through your head right now?

How many typos could you find in my post?

I’m just warning you–there will be no free prize offered. Not today anyway. Definitely Sometimes!



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  1. I love this post. It’s my first visit to your blog (came over from Facebook) and I’m in.
    I read most of the blogs you mentioned above for the same reasons. The song in my head right now is “Da Base” of course. I actually had never listened to the whole song through but seen the multitudes of references to it.

    My word for the year is “Fulfillment” and the many meanings that spotlights.
    I’m glad you’re in for fun with your blog. I like fun too.
    What good thing will God do next?? We get to see….

  2. I love reading your blog! I love the FB pages. I get encouraged by the comments made by your followers!

    My word for this year is PURPOSE. I am doing things w/ purpose!! and for a purpose!

    I leave for Haiti in 9days for a mission trip! I am going there with the hope that God will give me a purpose while I am there. We have a plan of action while we are there…but I want to be open to God’s plan. Maybe his plan is the plan we have set…but you never know!

    I am VERY excited about your Unstuck book!! Just what I need in this season of my life!!

  3. I remember ‘Sweet Tea’! I’ve cut out a lot of blog reading these days but yours I hold on too!
    I don’t make resolutions (can’t keep’em) but I did do the “one word” for the year. Have you heard of it? Here’s the word that God kept repeating “willing” and I knew what He was talking about. And these 3 questions He also asked me… Are you willing to learn, willing to trust, willing to do? Also He lead me to this verse, to line up with the one word, Proverbs 3:6.
    I knew what He was getting at ” It’s all about da book, da book, da book!” Sorry I just had to do that.

    1. I know you sweet thing–I remember YOU from Sweet Tea!! What a friend!!
      Wow–“willing”” makes me think of –Yes, Lord-Send Me! You are the perfect woman for that job!
      Yep–It’s all about da Book, bout Book da…no devil!! LOL..
      We should go on the road girl!

  4. Bahaha you crack me up! But Amen to all of what you said!
    I found no typos on this because I wasn’t looking for mistakes, I was listening to what you were saying! How is that for no perfection! Woot Woot!
    I make no resolutions because I think I am to live one day at a time, focusing on Jesus and what He is saying to me at the time. I am, however, starting this year out by memorizing scriptures, and by that, I mean that I am working on the book of James. I love to learn it all in context so that I am not taking out verses and making them mean what I want them to mean. I started last September and I dived after learning the first chapter but I am refreshing my resolve and continuing on! I have made it easier on me by doing so when I am doing the mundane things in life like, laundry, folding, getting ready for the day, and to train myself to meditate on His Word day and night. It has made it much easier and then I get the benefit of thinking on those things that are true, pure, lovely and of good report!
    Looking forward to where you are taking this blog just by being yourself!!!!

    1. Big Hugs Kari!! Thank you for the kind words and support and big blessing upon your goal of James–oh my–It has taken me 5 years to learn Psalm 139 but I love to keep stretching as well. Who knows what I will tackle next–the Book of James!! Oh my!
      Hugs to you.

  5. I always have a song in my heart and head. I love to sing out loud, but, alas, I am not gifted with “a beautiful singing voice”. However, God loves for me to “sing a joyful song to the Lord” and I continue to do so. Today, I am singing, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”. I am still working on my word for the year. 🙂
    Thanks for giving me the giggles today. God Bless You.

  6. Pat: thanks for your genuine heart and sweet spirit!!! Keep being wonderful you!
    One of my goals for the year is to do some writing. I’ve “had” a blog for a while but because of life and distractions I have not been very good at keeping up with it. Couple that with not knowing my “voice” and direction or if I can even BE a blogger… I’m not a real writer…
    BUT whether or not anyone reads what I write, I plan to write out of my heart and love for words that inspire and encourage.
    All this to say… Keep doing what you do. Your Light Shines and He is Glorified!

    Many blessings!

    1. YEAH!!! DeAnna!! Please write! Just write from who you are–don’t worry about “voice” that is what gets us STUCK! Your light will shine as well and we will share His light as we press on!
      Let me know when you start! leave your link here on the blog!

  7. Pat, I love your incredibly genuine and beautifully tansparent heart!!! I too love to read your blog and I’m excited for the journey through 2015!

    1. You just make me want to get on a plane and hug you sweet face!!!
      Please find SOMEBODY in Denver to bring me in!!

  8. I loved your choice of song to relate to because I have been hearing this song a lot lately but not sure why since I don’t usually listen to the radio. Maybe it was to prepare me for your messsge. I have to admit it but a smile on my face when I first saw the words from the song. This is my first blog experience and I have enjoyed writing and reading what others have shared.

    1. Yep–i’ts a catchy one isn’t it Deborah!! I am so glad I didn’t ruin your first blog visit 🙂 I hope you will visit again–who knows what I might come up with next LOL 🙂 Only Jesus!!

  9. Great post, Pat. I agree the world can probably only handle one of each of us! Haha. Since God made each of us so unique and gifted in ways He wanted us gifted, why do we try to be like someone else, right? It feels so good to just be me. Teach like me, love Jesus and others like me, live out of the me. Soooo less stressful. Even messy at times. But authentic. My word entering this year has to be trust. I love my new house, my barn, my fields, my SPACE. My husband is interviewing for jobs in all sorts of places. Just when I thought we were finally settled. Just when I am so ready to begin teaching STS classes. I trust God has a plan and He knows best. I will go wherever He opens a door.

  10. Hi Pat…This “blogging” is new to me but I am willing to give it a try. My word for 2015 is” attitude”. I hope to find ideas about that from your website. I took STS training in fall of 2014, Lancaster county. We are offering it for the first time in the Assembly of God church that I attend in PA. I will be introducing it to the congregation on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, Jan 18th. Appreciate this ministry sooo much. Also enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for being yourself in Christ! Dawn

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