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It is TIME for us to seek God with an UNDIVIDED HEART!!

Greetings friend,

Last week marked the “official” beginning of the fall season. I love FALL and don’t want to miss a minute of all that it entails.

That said–I thought we could spend some pause moments this month and consider the seasons of our lives. We’ll start with fall, a season of change, preparation, looking toward what lies ahead while considering what has passed. But the truth is our own lives go through seasons and they don’t always match up with what we see outside our windows, the shelves at hobby lobby, or sweaters versus bathing suits. The seasons of our lives are not always as predictable as moving from boots to sandals. Each season of life brings it sound challenges, blessings, and opportunities.

Take a deep breath. Find a place to rest your soul, mind, and spirit. Allow God‘s love to embrace you in the moment as we consider the word “Time.”

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1.

This week in episode #13 of Permission to Pause Podcast, as we begin a five week series, let me review some basic identifiers of the internal versus external seasons of our life. As I share with open hands and an open heart, ask God to reveal the season you are in right now. Start with the obvious autumn or fall.

As the season change I am, hosting a unique boutique retreat called Rest Quest, for a small group of women who are completely committed to lean into God to hear His voice for the season they are in right now.

This is the same intention I am encouraging you to take with me today. Let’s pursue god with an UNDIVIDED HEART!!

I hope you will join me on the podcast this week.

If you are interested in learning more about REST QUEST please visit my website @patlayton.net. My next QUEST is with Dr Saundra Dalton Smith March 23-27 2022

Blessings friend I hope you will visit my website and while you are there sign up for the Unstuck Women club. I’ll be sharing a very private opportunity with my inner circle group next week.



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