Is Anyone Crying?

One of my new joys this year has been joining my firstborn Grandson for Christian Rock Concerts. WhooHoo!!

I do love music and I love to be “actively involved” in worship. In other words, I like to jump up and down and lift my hands and Praise the Lord! I have not gotten too old to do it yet and I pray that I never do! The very fact that my GRANDSON wants to go with me makes me jump up and down!!

Our most recent adventure together was “Winter Jam” here in Tampa. We waited in line for over 3 hours along with over 2o,000 other people!!

YES– I said 20,000!!!!!

It was awesome! We saw Tenth Ave North, Newsong, News Boys, and my personal favorite, Third Day.

There were multiple opportunities available throughout the night to join one of the many world wide efforts that have been generated to respond to the tragedy and loss of lives in Haiti, including a Love Offering gathered from 20,000 GOD Loving, LIFE loving, COMPASSIONATE people.

There is barely a way to actually wrap your brain around such pain, loss and death as what we have watched unfold in Haiti.

We respond the way that Jesus told us to respond and by the example He set–we give, we act, we love, we cry.

When we look at children starving in the streets and the arms of trapped men and women stuffed between layers of concrete, we respond. Our hearts break, we sit in front of TV news and newspapers and cry.

We have Prayer vigils.

We park semi trailers in parking lots to gather clothes and food.

We give money.

We fight for the protection of the children and long to bring them into the safety of our homes.



Every Life Matters and it should.

God said in Deuteronomy 30:19:

I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, CHOOSE life!!

Each time a horrific loss of life such as this one is placed before our eyes, people respond. People cry.

Most of the time.

Sometimes, not as much.

It occurred to me as I have prepared my post for this week, that each year as we approach another anniversary of the legalization of abortion in America, how often there is some National or World tragedy going on that makes me reflect even more deeply on the value of human life and how we as Christians respond so fervently to one tragedy but not so much another.

I just wonder why???

January 22, 2010 marks the 37th Anniversary of legalized abortion in America.

Conservative estimates project that in America, we ABORT in the neighborhood of 1,0000,000 babies every year.

That amounts to over 50,000,000 innocent babies have been AND CONTINUE TO BE DAILY–torn apart in the womb right here in America.

I’m just wondering…

Where are the “Love Offerings”?

Where are the Semi’s?

Where is the National News?

Where is the Church??

I read a quote by Francis Shaeffer that said, “There should be a sign in front of every abortion clinic that reads: Open by Permission of the Church”.

How do you feel about it?

Do you feel that church is responding to the tragedy of abortion?

What does your Church do to address the horrific loss of life by abortion?

Does  your church acknowledge “Sanctity of Life Sunday”? (The first Sunday following the anniversary of Roe v Wade established as a response opportunity for the church by Focus on the Family and other national Christian voices). Are there other times during the year that you focus on this homeland holocaust?

Do you take up “Love Offerings” for Crisis Pregnancy Centers offering a Christian alternative to abortion?

How do YOU feel this tragedy compares to the horror that happened in Haiti in terms of our Christian responsibility?

I’m just pondering this morning…..

Is anyone crying over the innocent lives lost last year to abortion in America??

“Surrendering the Secret “is a Post Abortion Recovery Bible Study published by Lifeway in 2008. If you or someone you know is crying about a previous abortion, we want to help.

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  1. Jill and I have been talking about this recently and it has been on my heart since I shared my story with the pastor of my old church (5+ years ago). The response was sketchy and it was almost like he and his wife did not know what to say – in all honesty their uneasiness stopped me in my tracks and I have been paralyzed to some degree ever since. In many ways I do not blame them, this seems to be the prevalent response from the church – but that does not end me continuing to wonder what can we do? What can I do? I am trying to find an outlet and feeling more and more drawn in to this battle but I do not know where to begin or how to start. I pray that the direction Jill and I are being led and you entering this picture will move us all toward the path God has for us…..and closer to the place that He wants me to be in.

  2. Sweet Jennifer,
    I am excited to see what God is going to do with your patience and perseverance. You have a Vision and it is on the horizon!!
    I can’t wait to see you!

  3. Hey there my friend. Well, you know that I am standing right beside you in this battle. I will not be silent any longer. Women need to heal and babies have a right to life. Slowly, we are getting the word out to our church. We have to continue speaking and not giving up!!! Too many lives are at stake!!

  4. Wow. What a word!! Oh that the church would not just hear it, but EMBRACE it, and the sweet broken ones in their pews.

    Love you dear one,

  5. It sadden my heart that some churches have a hard time talking about Sanctity of Human Life .
    Today, I finished the first session of “Surrendering the Secret” w/ DVD with my client. It helped her hearing about women who have been there.
    Thank you Pat, for all that you do in this ministry!

  6. Cecelia, Melinda (What ARE you doing on here??) and Tammy,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for your sisterhood. It IS getting better…to God be the Glory!!
    We are in this together, right my friends!

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