Into the Wildflowers

A few years ago I was invited to join a group of people for a mountain hike in the breath taking Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The journey was to be led by a local Jeriamiah Jones/Pastor. I learned so much on that hike–not the least of which was never trust a man (even a Pastor) who says “It’s an easy walk”.

That little mosey through the moutons just about did me in. I was lucky to make it back.

The woods were dense and uncleared. There are BEARS out there.

The cliffs were slippery and steep.

We ran into animal skeletons on the path. Honestly.

At one point, it started to pour down rain–first a light drizzle that grew, and grew and grew (all the while the Pastor encouraging us that it would “soon blow over”, until it was an all out downpour, in the mountains, on the cliffs, that were so covered by overgrowth we couldn’t see the path ahead.

Yep–NOT my idea of a good time.

The pastor was assuring us that the view was going to be “oh so worth the work” but he had said a lot of things that I wasn’t quite sure looked the way I IMAGINED as he spoke so I was having my doubts.

Just as I was about to BEG—in front of the entire group—to go back, turnaround, return to safety.

Out of nowhere, we turned the corner to a massive field of wildflowers surrounded by the majesty of the great Rocky Mountains. No words I could possibly string together (an no IPhone photo) could describe the beauty we saw.

I am in a place in life in life right where my world feels a lot like that mountain hike.

There are lots of cool promises being whispered but I can’t make out the path ahead. I’m confused a bit and not sure what to believe or which path to follow. I have no choice but to stay close to MY  GUIDE. My Jesus.

How about you?

Are you in a season of completely trusting in Gods plan? His direction? His leadership into the wildflowers?

If not, it may be time to take a hike 🙂

Too much comfort= Not enough God Sized Faith needed.

Ps 18:30-35

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  1. I totally relate to the words “return to safety” in your blog because that is so often what I want to do. After completing your surrendering the secret bible study last year, I went on to contact my local CPC. I went through their healing program too and now I am looking forward to being a volunteer. But, now that I have come this far, I have to be strong and of good courage, right? I have to trust God that the path He has me on is the right path cause He will never waste my pain– but sometimes the fear of the unknown makes me want to “return to safety”. To the place where I can hide under a rock and just let other people do God’s work.

  2. Anita,
    Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and for being REAL! I am so glad that you are choosing the “road less traveled” and trusting God for whats around the corner.
    Ditto!! Me too!
    Stay the course 🙂 He does not disappoint!

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