In Your Face Vision

Do you have a VISION or VISIONS for your LIFE ??

Can you SEE your Vision? I mean REALLY SEE IT??

God says that we PERISH (suffer complete ruin or destruction) without a VISION.

18Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]–blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is (she)/he.(A) Proverbs 29:18 Message

I don’t mean just spiritually, or mentally, I mean PHYSICALLY.

I have always been a woman with “vision”. Before I surrendered my life to God, I had a “vision” of being the first MILLIONAIRE–FEMALE Insurance Agent in Florida. I was a woman with a mission. Every month my driving goal was to see my name on the “Top Ten Producers” list with the company I worked for. I kept that list in my face so that I knew exactly when I was on it and when I was not.

God changed the course of my life on June 9, 1984, but He didn’t change my Visionary gifts.

He CAPTIVATED me. He set me on a GLORY QUEST!!

One of the ways I have always kept my VISION(S) before me is by using VISION BOARDS.

Last year when I redecorated my home office, a “CUTE” Vision Board was on my list of must haves. Here is the one that I have in my office now:

This board was started about 2 years ago when God dropped a VISION in my heart for a woman’s conference called “Imagine Me…Redeemed, Restored, Renewed…Set Free” since shortened to FREEDOM WEEKEND!

The original version was much messier since it was filled with my sketches, notes, scripture, promises and ideas God gave me as I prayed over what I felt He was showing me. Over the next 2 years, the vision God gave me, began to come together and come to LIFE!! That’s how we KNOW it’s Him!!

This is a simpler version of a new dream God has stirring in me. This one I put on the cover of my daily Prayer Journal:

Here are some ideas for keeping your VISION in Your Face:

1) Supplies:

Poster Board, Cork Board, Scrap Book or Spiral Notebook




Glue Stick

Stick Pins for Cork Board like mine above

2) Sit with a stack of magazines, some praise and worship music and ask God to unfold your dream, let Him lead you to pictures, words, articles, advertisements, ect that reflect your Vision. Things that increase your faith and help you begin to dream!! Pray as you go. Capture His Word and His heart. Tell God the Vision that you believe He has stirred in you. Clarify Your Dream! Speak it back to God, claim it and ask Him to lead the way.

3) Tear and Cut away to your hearts content. No boundaries. No limits. I LOVE THIS PART 🙂

4) Begin to narrow down the pictures, words, scriptures that God points your heart to.

5) Paste, glue, pin the chosen items to the background you are using. For my spiral Journal, I lay a piece of clear adhesive over the cover to secure my chosen graphics. The thing I love about Cork/Pins board is that I can change things as God gives me clarity.

6) Watch God do what He shows you he wants to do!! Watch your VISION come to life!!

My first “Freedom Weekend” was last year. We did 4 of them and have 4 more this year.

Now, I am now about to create a VISION BOARD for the Bible Study I am writing to support the weekend.

How about You?? Do you have a VISION? Is it IN YOUR FACE??

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