In the Beginning

I am sitting in my prayer chair for the FIRST time since last Monday. Not because I haven’t prayed. The fact is I have prayed a LOT! I have been on lots of airplanes and when I am on airplanes, I pray without ceasing :). God knows that, maybe that is one of the reasons He keeps me up in the air!

My Julianna and I returned on Friday night after the many “FIRSTS” of our last trip.

She enjoyed her FIRST “First Class” fight, from Tampa to Chicago.

It was VERY early in the morning and Jules is hiding behind her sweatshirt! The one that she would wear for the next 2 DAYS!

Neither of us enjoyed our First 12 hour wait in the Chicago O’Hare airport, attempting to get to Springfield, Il (a 3 hour drive that we could not get a rental car to make), or the finally cancelled flight that put us in our First Chicago hotel at midnight with no clean clothes.

We did eventually arrive in Springfield, although our luggage lingered another full day, where Julianna and I experienced our FIRST official speaking engagement together. THAT was totally cool!

This picture is a little blurry but you get the idea. I hope to be getting copies of photos taken by the official event photographer soon.

We experienced many First on this trip, mostly hers.

EVERYTHING about the trip was complicated. EVERYTHING God did was worth the battle.

My Bible Study time over the past few weeks has been all about “Firsts”. I am savoring my prayer chair for a bit longer this morning as I just completed the FIRST section of my “Essential Bible” Journey. It has taken me from Genesis 1-11. I know you all thoroughly enjoyed my FIRST post about the study—“If You see a Rainbow…” as evidenced by the pile of comments I have waded through. I did have one valued reader send me a side comment that warned that my diatribe may have pressed closely into heresy. Sorry, I thought I was funny. Could be a sign of my warped humor.

Oh well, it’s NOT the First time I have tanked.

My Bible study has led me through 5 readings that set the stage for the story of all mankind, and animal kind (those who survived after the rainbow). I have read about the First humans, the First sin, the First shame, the First pride, and God’s First Words.

Tomorrow I will begin to read about God’s First steps to save His family.

Julianna and I will also be packing again to board another airplane for our First visit to Grand Rapids, Mi. and the story continues. Both ours and God’s.

Hey, I would love to hear what are you studying from God’s Word today?? If you are not doing anything else, I would love to have your company as I travel through Genesis 12-33! Let me know.

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  1. So glad you ladies are home safe and sound! I was praying for you both! Right now the Wednesday girls are going through “more than just a good Bible study girl” by Lysa Tyerkurst! We are loving it. Lots of laughs and lots of good truth that pertains to our daily walk with God.

    Have a great trip! Will continue to pray for you both!!



  2. Of course you know I love Lysa!! Maybe one of these days i will be able to join you ladies!
    Just Dreamin’ here 🙂
    I love you darling and am so very grateful for your prayers!!

  3. What a relief it must be to arrive home safe and sound.

    It’s funny that you wrote about finding yourself back on your prayer chair this morning. That’s where I found myself this morning too. I haven’t been traveling physically, but I was traveling mentally. I’ve sorely neglected my quiet time recently because I’ve let worries and stresses overtake my mind. It’s been so much easier to sleep in a little in the morning.

    Before I fell asleep last night, I prayed that I would wake up early with a song of praise in my head. God is so good because that’s exactly what happened. And I had my precious quiet time while the rest of the house still slept.

    Before my little sidetrack, I was working my way though Corinthians…so that’s where I picked up again today.

  4. Kimba,
    I totally get it!! It is so easy to let everything that demands our attention slip into the place with our time with God. So funny isn’t it, when our time with Him is usually all we need to get the rest of it into perspective.
    Corinthians is definitely a good place to be reminded of that truth!!

  5. Hey Mom,
    It’s awesome to see Julianna up there with you! I’m sure she was glad to be home after the ordeal with your lost bags, again!
    Hope you like the new comments “thingy”!

  6. Yes, she was glad to be home and ready to pack again! We leave on Weds for Grand Rapids!
    Fun, fun, fun!!!
    I LOVE the new comments “thingy”, you are so talented 🙂

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