If the jeans fit, wear ’em!

How do YOU feel about your size? Rough question, right? Well, get ready ladies, I have an epic fashion fail for ya…



I’m having a flashback February moment and I’m reminded that no matter how things change, they stay the same, especially the inner workings of a woman’s mind.

Many eons ago in February 2009 – LOL – I wrote about the SIZE battle that us girls go through that leads us to wear our clothes too small, just so that we can claim a size that feels acceptable to us! Sometimes we even wear sizes too big to hide for fear of not measuring up to “perfection.” UGH – the things we do to ourselves.

Most of the ladies I know have fought this mental battle, including my daughter who was mortified when she moved from a size 2 to a size 4!

So my “flashback” was inspired by my friend Lysa TerKeurst blog post years back:

“Why do I care what size my pants are?
It’s not like the size is printed in a place for people to see.
Only I have privy to such knowledge.”

Well, sweet little sister, that is not ALWAYS true. Let me tell you a mortifying but OH SO HYSTERICAL personal story. Hang on to your pants…

I had bought a new pair of cute jeans and had them hemmed just right. Wow, I thought I was IT as I swaggered out the door to hit the ground running on my holiday shopping mission.

I shopped all day, met a girlfriend for lunch, store hopped. The works! When I returned home that night and was standing at the kitchen sink preparing dinner, my honey walked in and noticed the size sticker, still firmly in place, emblazoned down my pant leg!!!

Everyone in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! saw my jeans size that day. The only GOOD part of this story is the mishap took place BEFORE my Christmas Holiday s-p-r-e-a-d, and my size was at least in my “presentable” range. Today however, those jeans have a new home – in the consignment shop!!

So I’m re-sharing my humbling moment to give you a good giggle (come on now – just let that laugh go. It IS funny) and to give you a big hug of support. Us girls are all in this together. The more we embrace ourselves and where we’re at, right here, right now, the more we embrace each other and our glorious, God-given differences!!

I’m praying and laughing with you today as we LOVE who we are in this moment!

BTW, if you’ve read my book, take a sec to turn back to page 207, Say Yes To The Dress! Believe it or not, even God cares about fashion;-)

Have you had a cringe-worthy fashion mishap? Please give me a shout out in the comments section below and share YOUR funny faux pas!

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  1. I do still cringe when buying jeans since I’m not a size 2 anymore, nor have I for 20 years! I learned a long time ago that the right fit of the jean is way more important because if they fit well, you look smaller. That goes for any item of clothing. At first I would just take the labels out and then I wasn’t reminded. Now it really doesn’t matter. Fit is everything!
    My funny is one day I was in a hurry to get out the door, went to Bible study, did a few errands and after a long day of being out and about, my hubby pointed out to me that I had a stow away sick stuck in my hoodie! I laughed because it could have been a pair of undies! Whew! Thank goodness it wasn’t!!

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