I would like a…..pleeeze….

Self Indulgence–Oh my!



We are having a VERY Sizzling Summer happening on the Summer Sizzle Facebook page. I have engaged a group of 30 (out of over 100 applicant’s) spicy hot GOD CHASING women in a private group chat discussing 8 “HOT” topics that have no BLACK or WHITE–YES or NO answers in the Bible. I am writing a new book –yep–I’m a glutton for punishment since I am at the SAME TIME working on edits for my book releasing next Spring–Life UnStuck!

For this book, we are talking about things Christians AGREE to DISAGREE about. Sometimes we just flat DISAGREE!

If you missed this Summer Sizzle, let me know in COMMENTS that you would like to join the next group. I plan to take this one more ’round during my writing process.

Us God Chicks, have met and shared and challenged one another for 3 weeks now. Our first topic was —-can you say YUK—Body Image. It went “downhill” from there to Alcoholic Beverages (What say you?–Can I have a Margarita with my Burrito?) and MONEY (personal possessions–is my passion for Prada UnHoly?) (Wow–my toes are tingling :))

So—since I love this so much and I can’t get enough of these passionate perspectives–I am giving YOU a chance to chime in.

Tell Me Ladies…What does “Self Indulgence” look like in your life?

What is ONE scripture that comes to your mind when this topic is mentioned?

Share your thoughts below and be entered in my August book giveaway! (More about THIS amazing book later this week!) Talk about WISE decisions!! 


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Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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  1. In my life, self-indulgence looks like a wardrobe that doesn’t fit quite right because I decided to indulge in more dessert or snacks than I really needed or because I chose sitting over exercise. It also looks like plain old selfishness – indulging my inner toddler to throw a temper tantrum because my life or circumstances don’t look the way I think they should. Ouch! This is painful 😉

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