I wasn’t invited!!!! Or… was I?

Dazzling Invitations…


you're invited

Yippee!!  Breaking the seal of the envelope, anxious to pull out that scrap of fun; It’s the invitation you’ve been anticipating.  YES!!  It’s in your hot little hands now.  It’s official – you’ve been invited and the sputter, somersault and flutter in your heart is an indication that – You. Are. Psyched!!  (OK, so maybe nowadays it would be the click of the mouse & tap of a few keys that delivers the good news in an EMAIL, but you get the idea).

Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion or Christmas gala, the satisfaction of knowing that a friend, family member or acquaintance has thought enough of YOU to include you in the celebration – it’s a good feeling.  Warm. Sweet. Fulfilling.  It feels good to invest and, in turn, to be the object of investment, in a relationship.

Likewise, it feels crummy to have NOT received that coveted invitation.  Disappointment, distress, and indignation rule the day when realization hits: “such-and-such didn’t invite ME? What did I do wrong? Well, I don’t really care anyway.”

Yeah right!! LOL

We all tend to get bogged down in the undulations of life.  Up and down, jostled by circumstances and relationships BUT – there’s a bucket of hope & happiness that transcends either of those “yes, I got it” or “no, I didn’t get it” scenarios.

Everyday, God invites us!  Forget that, He’s CALLING us to Him!!  He wants us!!  WE are the V.I.P.s at the biggest party, BUT in order to tear open that invitation or click open that email, we need to open ourselves up to the call of that friendship with God.

If I go away and prepare a place for you, I will come back and receive you to Myself, so that where I am you may be also.  You know the way to where I am going (John 14:3-4).

Yep – we DO know the way.  God does not “give to [us] as the world gives.”  Instead, we’re beckoned everyday, at every moment to the celebration of a lifetime. Just US – the good AND the bad.

The challenge today as we navigate our crazy lives: Listen for the invitation. Rest your mind. Rest your heart. Have hope.

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