A lunch date with a beloved family member; a ministry Board of Directors meeting; a Facebook prayer request….all proclaim the truth that WE ALL WANT MORE!


More money; More health; More stability; More Clarity; More attention; More understanding; More opportunity….You fill in the blank_______________.


Human nature seems to always want MORE!

Consider Eve, the FIRST woman who ever lived, dwelling in a literal paradise with THE CREATOR of the entire universe no less as her walking partner, HER CREATOR…found herself surrounded by lush supply–no financial needs, no health issues, no debt collectors, no hurting family members……still she wanted MORE.

The revealtion that I see in that story is that GOD CREATED US TO WANT MORE!

The key is….MORE OF WHAT?

Oh that we would “get it”. Oh that I would “get it”. Help me GET THIS Lord.

I will always WANT MORE. Everyone around me will always WANT MORE.

The key is….MORE OF WHAT?

The only MORE we need is Jesus.

When we get that, all other MORE will pale compared to His abundance. Compared to His “More than enough”. Compared to His “more than you can ever hope or imagine”.

The MORE we see ourselves as God sees us, the MORE  we want Jesus.

The MORE time we spend in His presence, the MORE we see and understand His unfathomable love and provision.

The MORE  we look at the Cross, the MORE we realize that nothing else matters but His Blood that pours over our retched sin and leaves behind peace, freedom, truth, provision, healing, restoration.

2 devotionals I read this morning say it beautifully:

“But God so loved the world that He GAVE. He gave Himself to supply the payment for my sin, to satisfy the judgement that my sin deserved. he gave what I NEEDED and didn’t have so that He could meet all of my NEEDS and I would WANT NO MORE”.

Charley Gunter, Prayer Essentials for Living in His Presence

“The happy life is to rejoice in this: To rejoice IN YOU; to rejoice FOR YOU; to rejoice BECAUSE of YOU”

St Augustine, Early will I Seek You.

I want MORE today Lord.

More. More. More. More. More.


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  1. That is kinda the theme of something I wrote over at my place today.

    I had never considered that our desire for MORE might be a God-placed desire. What a great thought! WE simply must channel that desire in the right direction.

    blessings to you!

  2. I know that full well. The desire for more, it starts deep within us. The question of “Is there more this life has to offer?” In seeing everything and experiencing the world as we know it, we realize nothing is ever going to satisfy. I sit here and tell God “If only I had enough to pay the bills and have a little bit extra to spend on fun, then I would be content.” But the truth is I should rejoice I have a paycheck! Regardless the amount. Thank you for the truth that it all stems from a desire for more of Jesus. Which all of us, when we’ve experienced him in worship or prayer, have never wanted to leave when we feel him so close. Yet everyday its easy to pass my time with him. I NEED MOTIVATION. Lord help me 😛

  3. Great thoughts Callie…..if….THEN…… I would be content….so sad, but so true.
    Thank you so much for your feedback my young sister!

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