I love you Mom!

I am speaking later today at a sweet Mother-Daughter Tea at a church in my community.

My daughter is going with me. She is home from college for the summer and will be traveling with me. My heart is bursting with joy. In fact, SHE is speaking WITH me at a Pregnancy Resouce Banquet next week!!!  WhooHoo! Her first public speaking engagement. I knew it would come.

Mom’s know this stuff.

My daughter was born to a young teenage birthmother at 22 weeks gestation. She was 10″ long at birth and weighed in at a whopping 1 1/2 pounds. In fact, she was only 1 POUND the day my husband and I met her. The Dr’s didn’t think she would even live, much less hear, talk or live a normal life. She will return to college in the Fall as a Senior! Dr’s, as wonderful as they are they can’t outthink God.

My daughter is adopted. I thank God DAILY for allowing me to be her Mom.

I thank God daily for ALLOWING me to be “MOM” to each of my children, My 2 son’s and a daughter, 2 amazing daughter’s by marriage and 5 Grandchildren. (I must say at this point that am passionately grateful for my wonderful husband of almost 34 years–I may not have survived THEM without HIM 🙂 Ya know what I mean!!??)

God puts families together in His own unique ways. If you have seen “The Blind Side” you know that he can get really creative if we allow Him to.

Family is a GOD idea!!

In my local ministry, Life Imapct Network, we are allowed to see families literally rescued from death on a daily basis as we sit less than 50 feet from our cities largest and busiest abortion facility. A place designed to destroy families and motherhood. By the grace of God, they actually SEND women over to see us who are unsure about having an abortion. Women who are crying. Women who are scared. Women who are alone.

Once a woman sees her unborn child on ultrasoud, as God litlerally KNITS them together before her very eyes (Ps 139)–she almost always chooses LIFE. Sometimes her decsion allows us to serve her in a plan for adoption through our adotion agency “The Woven Basket”.

God puts families togher in His unique ways!!

I was knit together—a LONG time ago (NOT today’s topic)—in a Mother, and a family, that has made me what I am today. I am always grateful but today, as I reflect on Motherhood and have my own children to Praise God for, I am more than usual, aware of my love for my Mom.

My deep gratitude that she gave me life. My awestruck appreciation for her sacrifice and love.

My mother is a woman of many talents. She is beautiful, creative, she is a smart, she is the ULTIMATE friend to her neighbors, she is adventurous and brave. Since loosing my Dad after 50 plus years of marriage, she has sold and bought a new home, a new car, traveled all over the Nation (including going with me to speaking engagements who ask to have HER back 🙂 with or without me), she has owned and sold several businesses, she manages her own finances, she loves and serves her family like NO OTHER WOMAN I have ever met!!

EVERY Holiday brings ALL of my family members together including me and all three of my sisters, their husbands, their children and their children’s’ children. Not to even count the FRIEND’S of any of those who need a family on a holiday.

My Mom is a great cook, especially Seafood (an expectation for all of us born and raised in Savannah, Ga–Ever heard of Paula Dean??)

She is a gracious hostess and loves to entertain in her home.

My Mother has set the “Mother Bar” HIGH and I LOVE to hang upon it!

The verse that comes to mind when I think of her is:

Luke 1:50

His Mercy extends to those who fear Him from Generation to Generation.

I LOVE and adore you Mom…I WILL be at your house tomorrow. I would NOT miss it for the world!!

My family with my Mom–Generation to Generation…….

Happy Mother’s Day.

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  1. Pat, this is SO sweet. And you knew that some day she would speak WITH you… God hears and answers prayer! Happy Mother’s Day.. xoxo Chrissy

  2. I am crying so hard I can’t begin to think about what to say !! So many days you know he is in control -but you just think you can’t do anything right and then -you find out you must have !!!! I have so many blessings !You are #1 of 4 !!! Love you Mama

  3. Great post mom, and I hope your Mother’s day was a great one! I’m working on your blog right now, hence the name on this comment…. “admin”. I prefer Tim. 🙂

  4. Thank you for letting me know, when i first saw that name all I could think was who the heck is “Admin”?? 🙂
    You can see by my post today, I am in a silly mood today!

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