I can so see how this happens around here!!

Honey and I ventured out on what has become our daily exploration drive yesterday and ended up in Tennessee!! We won’t talk about the fact that it was by accident, or that it happened at the end of the day, as darkness that only the mountains understand was approaching, or even that the tiniest bit of grouchinesss began to creep in. And I DEFINITELY will not talk about the fact that I was the DRIVER and he was the NAVIGATOR and that we had never gotten lost one single time when the roles were switched. 
I any case, we did find our way home which leads me to the truth of the matter that I can totally see why someone would just grab their book, a hot cup of Chocolate with marshmallows running over the top and plop down in a rocking chair until they begin to resemble the truck above.

I can Sooooo understand that!
In any case, here is a bit of yesterdays journey….

My truck find…Can you see in the far back, this was actually a “Blacksmith” shop until the hot chocolate took over!

The fall colors have intensified every day of our visit. Yesterday’s drive was beyond description. Breathtaking!
I am not really very camera savvy so my colors do not do this Fall Foliage justice.

These Llama friends live at the bottom of our mountain. They come out when we stop to visit but we keep our distance….
Do Llama eat people?? As a matter of fact, we were wondering just exactly WHAT Llama are good for?? Milk? Meat?( I have never heard of a Llama burger) Fur? Photo opps? 
Does anyone know?

This is the campus of Western Carolina University located in Sylva, our nearest town. Check out the clouds hanging low on the mountains. It was so cool! 

My honey napped in the car between my photo journeys! He later took me to a Circuit City to buy a bigger lense so that my walks would be a bit shorter or maybe I could even catch a few shots as he blows by on the interstate…you girls know what I mean! 
We are off now to visit Balsam National Forrest! Pray that I don’t fall out of the window as I try out my new lense.

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  1. Good heavens, it’s beautiful there! I do miss fall color…might have to make a trek like this next year!


  2. Pat,
    What a beautiful tour you offered! Is that kudzu creeping over that truck? It sounds as if you and hubby are having a wonderful explore.

  3. That exploration drive yesterday reminds me of traveling with a certain someone in the backstreets of Savannah. But who needs to bring that up with so many pretty colorful trees to enjoy here? I am SO happy for you getting to take a much needed respite in the mountains. I’m even trying really hard not to have season change, mountain cool, hot chocolate, porch sitting, envy. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how the new lens works.

  4. Hi Pat,

    Oh my! You are in my neck of the woods! I live southwest of Sylva, past Bryson City in a town called Robbinsville. Actually, I don’t live in the town, I’m 14 miles out of town, way out in the woods. Our mountain goes up to the Cherohala Skyway, a beautiful drive. The Sylva Wal-Mart and the one in Murphy are my closest Wal-Marts.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day via Melinda’s giveaway. It means so much to me, especially knowing you are on vacation! I’m so thankful I found you and your wonderful ministry. Regardless of whether or not I win this giveaway, I’ll be letting our ministry board know that I want to add this wonderful resource to our curriculum offerings.

    Blessings to you this day.

  5. Even though I just was in the mountains, I am ready to go back again after looking at your beautiful pics. We didn’t see alot of color but it looks like you are getting to see the full array. I am so glad you are enjoying your much deserved rest. You will have to tell me about the Balsam National Forest. I’ve never heard of that. K

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