Hubba Hubba Honey

Hi friend–Welcome!

I hope you are enjoying our Blessings Theme this month. 

As indicated in my recent post, when I think of BLESSING I think of my “Honey” (or hubby; AKA husband): profound and steadfast.

My hubby and I have been together for over four decades — oh dear that sounds like a lifetime, doesn’t it? Well, I suppose it is a lifetime; MANY lifetimes. The ebb and flow of our partnership has swung from the peek of the sun-filled mountaintops to the depths of the cold, angry sea. Yet we have prevailed and, dare I say, thrived.

I’m sure you will relate though… going from the peek to the valley and back again may cause emotional whiplash. All the more reason to SING, SHOUT, STAMP, ECHO or maybe just whisper your feeling of being BLESSED by EACH OTHER. Yesterday, I made my honey a cherry pie. Yep, not a big deal, right? BUT, I was speaking his love language and he reveled in my efforts. Ahhhhh, the simple things.

I have lots of Author buddies who write about the blessing fo marriage. Pam and Bill Farrel have a full on ministry called Love Wise! My friends Jill and Mark Savage — No More Perfect Marriages–have been a fabulous resource for relationship “study material.” They’ve even published a book together (can you imagine working with your spouse? If you already do I would love to hear about it in the comments below. In Fact, Jill recently write a great article on her blog — Four Ways NOT to Talk with your Spouse  

Catchy huh?!!

In my opinion, the OTHER KEY to blessing, especially in marriage, is PRAYER!

Another precious friend of mine, Sharon Jaynes writes about that here — Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe: A Daily guide to Scripture-based Prayer

Last but not least from Wonderful Wednesday–how about when just a self-reminder will do —

You may want to start the day with a HONEY blessing! 


I’m just sayin’ :)))

Happy Wednesday,



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