How to Get My New Life Unstuck Group Study Leader Kit For–FREE!

FREE Yawl!

I obviously believe in the message of my new book Life Unstuck. It’s because it is based upon God’s Word in Psalm 139 and God’s Word is GOOD! Even where my writing might fail, God’s Word Never Fails.

Let me just ask you–Do you ever wonder?

*Does ANYONE really know who I am? Am I going to have to “fake it” forever?

*What is my purpose and what do I really have to offer the world? Is this all my life will ever be?

*How can I dream about tomorrow when I can barely even handle today?

The promise of Life Unstuck is to help you discover Peace with your Past, Purpose in your Present and Passion for your Future!

MY promise is to open God’s Word for you in such a way that you will find the answers to those questions.

Why not gather a few friends together for the journey?

LU bible Study 3

This is my FREE FRIDAY Deal–if you purchase 8 Life Unstuck Books from my website OR ANY OTHER SOURCE–I will GIVE YOU THE LEADER KIT FOR FREE!

Here is what is in the KIT which is priced at $69.99

8 Downloadable Videos Including:

1- 3 minute Life Unstuck promo from Lysa TerKeurst

2-30 minute Life Unstuck First Session Introduction Video

3-6 Weekly 20-25 minute Video Sessions by yours truly :)–ME! 

A Leader Guide-PDF

6 Weeks of Participant Handouts/Blank-PDF

6 Weeks of Participant Handout with Answers–PDF

The 24 Hours to Life Unstuck Study Plan-PDF

All you have to do is send me an email with a copy of your receipt to If you purchase the books in my SHOP, I will see a copy of your receipt but otherwise I will need for you to scan or phone photo your receipt from any major retailer!

It’s that simple!

I will send you a gift code to download the Online Leader Kit ASAP!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer is only good for the month of AUGUST!

In closing, here is an email I received TODAY about Life UnStuck!

Hi Pat,

     This summer I took your Life Unstuck course with Ruth  from the Beautiful Women studies. I was excited to take your study. I took the Freedom class a few years ago and this was the perfect complement to that study.
     Well I am a bumble bee and I don’t know if I should apologize for that or not but I filled in about 95% of that column. You nailed me right on the head, wowJ Anyway it was good to see that there are enough other people out there to make a category for “me’s” in this world. That was comforting.
     Anyway, because of taking the study with Ruth I was able to get unstuck from a very funny situation and by meeting her and doing your study I got unstuck from not exercising. I was having an issue with a local fitness club and I was angry with the way they treated me. So I didn’t sign up with them. But they were the only fitness club to have a swimming pool, which I needed. So I spent three years pouting about this issue and refused to sign up. Literally dug my heels in the earth. Well come to find out the leader of the study, Ruth, had signed up with the club with a much nicer experience. So she said you need to get unstuck with this Lori. So today she took me back to the fitness club, we met a very nice manager. So I am now on my way to getting better physically from a back injury. Funny what gets in our way.
     Thank you for helping me get unstuck. Being I hate exercising and swimming I will have your flower on my fitness bag for a reminderJ
God bless your day.

How about you friend?

Are YOU Stuck anywhere in Life? If you are not sure, tell me so in the comments and I will send you a FREE FRIDAY Life Unstuck Assessment! 

If you KNOW you are STUCK and want to experience Life Unstuck–Will you gather a few of your good friends and take the next step?

I can’t wait to hear YOUR UnStuck story!



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  1. i purchased your book at my church, Calvery Church of the Nazarene in Cordova, TN. I also attended the seminar there on Fiday night and Saturday. I did not get a receipt for my book purchase. , but I am interested in digging deeper. Is there any way I can get the Personal Study/Coaching Plan called 24 Hours to Life Unstuck? Thank you fir helping me. beverly Marsh at bevly68@

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