How is Your Wonder?

“Who among the Gods is like you Lord? WHO IS LIKE YOU–majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?” Exodus 15:11

I stretched across my daughters curled up, hoodie covered, sleeping body–from my middle seat on the airplane–all the while straining my sleepy eyes for a middle of the night look out the window.

My daughter never moved.

My husband snored, not so softly, from my left. Most everyone on the filled airplane did the same.

It was close to 2 o’clock in the morning as we were pressing through the last miles of our journey from the east (aka–Florida) to the west (aka– Alaska) I don’t sleep on airplanes very well but at this late hour and after an exhausting day of travel, even I was slipping in and out of dreamland. It was early January and my foggy thoughts vacillated between “what the heck was I thinking” and “just how far IS the East from the West?”. How in heavens name did I end up on an airplane traveling across the nation from a beautiful sunny Florida Winter, the land to which birds and humans FLOCK, to ALASKA, the land to which nothing survives, in the middle of JANUARY!!!

What I saw when I looked out that window of that airplane will never, never leave my memories.

As we began to slow into our approach into Fairbanks, Alaska I looked out onto the snow covered mountains reaching mightily and aggressively up to touch the full moon, and star filled sky, I lost my breath at the wonder of what I was seeing.

All I could think was “Alaska Glows”.

I was absolutely awestruck. I honestly cannot wrap words around that scene. I have never and may never see anything like it again in my lifetime. The majesty and wonder that filled my heart at that moment was indescribable. There have only been a few even barely comparable times that I can recall in my life. (excerpt from my “in progress” Born to Bloom Bible Study)

This is my question friend—How is your wonder?

If you need a Wonder LIFT–I would highly recommend the Lifeway Bible Study Wonderstruck by my friend Margaret Feinberg.

As you see above, I am writing a new Bible Study myself that will go along with my woman’s conference “Imagine Me..Set Free”.  Both the conference and the study are based upon Psalm 139, a book filled with the WONDER of God.

After reading an excerpt of Margaret study I knew I had to get it. I picked it up a few weeks ago and have been wallowing in it’s pages.

Margaret and I think so much alike. I was thrilled and awestruck at God when I saw that she even begins her study with a story about ALASKA :). If your LOVE LIFE–or Love of Life, has gotten a bit dull, get this study and be re-captured by the Wonder of God fresh and new!

NOW, if I could only WRITE like Margaret–Help me Jesus!! 🙂

By the WAY!!

Registration has begun for our 2 upcoming “Imagine Me…Redeemed; Restored; Renewed…Set Free” Freedom Weekends©

I would be so honored to have you join us!


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  1. Oh, the sky always gets me!! I simply cannot even imagine seeing that for myself! You have me excited just dreaming about it. Your words took me there while reading this! Now, I must go to Alaka myself!! But until then I will love my backyard sky and definitely do that study. 🙂 I can’t wait! His wonder is AWESOME! Hugs 🙂

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