How Free are We??

My heart pounds when I think about it!
My head swims and ideas are bouncing off the walls of my imagination!!
I am just that that excited about the new woman’s conference I am kicking off next year called “Imagine Me….Set Free”!
When I first felt that God was drawing me into this new adventure a few years ago, my first question for Him was “Lord, How Free can we Be??”
Wow ladies, the answers that He has given me have caused the above response plus more!!
Check out what a few of my friends had to say about Women and Freedom on my Facebook this past Friday!
I am heading out this morning to video tape a short message to my first adventurous group of women in North Carolina. WhooHoo!

Come back later this week and check it out!!

ps…Don’t you just love my new blog! Way to go “Remodeling Guy”

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