How Easter Changed My Life



I LOVE these tulips borrowed from the blog of my talented daughter-in-love Kim at  I am trying so hard to learn some blogging techniques by watching her, but she is a tough act to follow. I also know that Kim has a very special person “holding up her arms” from “behind the scenes”, my talented son Tim. Tim does the behind-the-scenes computer genius stuff that gives Kim’s creative talents a beautiful platform, a place to shine and use the precious gifts God crafted into her life before she was born.

When I think of Easter my heart overflows with THE love that has been the center of my life since Easter season 1984 and my son Tim was a HUGE part of that.

You see, in late March of that year, on his birthday in fact, Tim was involved in a diving accident.  After diving into a remote river with a group of his buddies, Tim rose from the water covered in blood. A treacherous journey to the closest hospital emergency room quickly revealed that Tim’s injuries were far worse than a busted head. His neck was actually broken in 2 places.

We watched  Tim over the next 4 months live in “Halo’ Traction” with screws driven into his skull in 4 places and a hard metal band wrapped around his upper body from his waist to the tip of his head. The Easter Sunday that followed his accident, our family went to church with blood and water oozing from Tim’s skull.


That Easter brought the purposeful sacrifice of Jesus and His indescribable torture at the Cross to reality to me in a way that changed the course of my life.

That Easter, I worshiped in a a whole new way.

That Easter led to my  summer surrender to the all consuming love of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Read what I read that Sunday in John 18-20. 

Since that Easter I have never, never forgotten who Jesus is to me. I have never, never forgotten that HE ALONE is the lifter of my head and my “behind the scenes” creator; provider; healer; AND strategic planner 🙂 He is my beginning and my end. He IS my platform and the passion behind all I do and say. He is my Redeemer; my Restorer and He alone, knows me complelty from the inside out.

I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, all my soul, rejoice.

What does this Easter mean to YOU? Tell me here and I will send you a poem I wrote on that special Easter. ♥

In His Grip,



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  1. 1984… 2014… really? 30 years? Wow. Seems like yesterday. But maybe my memory has faded a little… did we really go to church with blood oozing from my head? Yuk!

    I’m glad something good came from all of it… Romans 8:28

    Happy Easter Mom!

    1. Yes, unbelievable–time fly’s when you’re having fun :). As far as the “oozing” this is your Mamma speaking–if I say it’s “ooze” , it’s “ooze” right? LOL
      At the same time, it COULD be my sanguine memory of “seeping” — either way, I got God’s message!!

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