Are you a Mac or a PC??

I had such a great post going on in my head for today, the title is “You were Born to Change the World”—hold that thought,

instead, I appear to be having some blog issues.

It seems that on certain computers, my blog is all haphazard and in disorder. It appears that the issue is only found on Mac laptops.

Would you be so kind as to tell me…

How does this blog look to you and what kind of computer are you looking at in on?

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  1. It looks great! I love the flowers, bright colors.

    There’s a spiral bound notebook in the middle. I read your request on the left page of the notebook and typing on that same side where there’s a box for me to leave a comment. All the ads and links are on the right side. At the very top is the menu bar and your banner with your name and type writer. I’m on a mac. I hope you figure it out. It doesn’t look haphazard to me – however, I don’t know what your designed layout is supposed to look like. Love, Mary

  2. Thank you! Thank you ladies!! I am so happy that you see it right, the blog is sooo pretty!
    I JUST took my Mac to the “Genius” Bar…oooppps!

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