Hot Faith–in the middle of change

As we prepare to step into another change of seasons, I thought we might pause this week and focus on where Summer 20220 has left our Faith levels.

But I trust in you, Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands.  (Psalm 31:14-15)

Can you imagine a tightrope stretched over a quarter of a mile and spanning the breadth of Niagara Falls?  The thundering sound of the pounding water drowning out all other sounds as you watch a man step onto the rope and walk across!

This stunning feat made Charles Blondin famous in the summer of 1859.  He walked 160 feet above the falls several times back and forth between Canada and the United States as huge crowds on both sides looked on with shock and awe.  Once he crossed in a sack, once on stilts, another time on a bicycle,  and once he even carried a stove and cooked an omelet!

On July 15, Blondin walked backward across the tightrope to Canada and returned pushing a wheelbarrow.

The Blondin story is told that it was after pushing a wheelbarrow across while blindfolded that Blondin asked for some audience participation.  The crowds had watched and “Ooooohed” and “Aaaaahed!”  He had proven that he could do it; of that, there was no doubt.  But now he was asking for a volunteer to get into the wheelbarrow and take a ride across the Falls with him!

It is said that he asked his audience, “Do you believe I can carry a person across in this wheelbarrow?”  Of course the crowd shouted that yes, they believed!

It was then that Blondin posed the question – “Who will get in the wheelbarrow?’

Wow—such a great picture of true faith when things looks really scary, or risky or downright impossible.

There is another story, this one is in the Bible in the book of Daniel—it is a story about three teenagers in the book of Daniel who refused to bow down to false idols required by the king. The King heard about their rebellion he commanded they be thrown into a hot burning furnace

Just imagine their confusion when they knew they were doing the right thing—making the God choice– they could’ve complained God “this is just not fair God, we serve you and look what is happening. Instead these 3 young men chose to stand strong in faith—not like the wheel barrow story of just talking about faith but actually walking into faith—they got in the wheelbarrow–telling the king “we will not bow down, we know that God will deliver us but even if he doesn’t we will not bow”.

This beautiful story reveals what true, acted out faith looks like. A we reach the end of the story we know the king actually saw 4 men not three in the fiery furnace “unbound and unharmed” (Read the story here)

As we pause and consider the upcoming change of seasons, some of us are facing changes or circumstances that are testing our faith.

Right now, today, we can trust that the creator of the universe will make things happen that we can never make happen. Our job is to stay in agreement with God, to have an attitude of faith, to replace worry with worship.

But I trust in you, Lord; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands.  (Psalm 31:14-15)

Lord thank you that as we watch the seasons begin to change, we are reminded of your faithfulness. That in every season we can trust you—our life is in your hands Lord. You hold the wheelbarrow, we can rest in the ride. Amen

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