Hospitality Reflects The Heart of God

I am SUPER excited to share my blog today with a precious friend and ministry partner, Sharon Sloan. I have seen her heart in action and am very honored to have her visit my cyber-home today! Please welcome her my friends!!


“Seek to show hospitality.” ~ Romans 12:13

Thank you to my lovely friend, Pat Layton, for inviting me over to guest post on her beautiful blog today! I am truly humbled and thankful! Thank you, Pat!!! And to all of you visiting today, please be sure to enter to win a free SerenDIPity book at the close of this post!

{HOSPITALITY.} Does the thought of opening your home excite you or does it made you back away?

We are all in varying situations and seasons of our lives, so being hospitable and opening our homes to others may look different for each of us at any given time. Whether it is a simple act of offering someone a cup of cold water or entertaining a large group of people, being hospitable reflects a part of the heart of God.

Hospitality can seem so complicated, so overwhelming, so stressful and even so unnecessary in our lives today. The heart of entertaining seems to be waning in this world of social media, where, if we are not disciplined and resolved, most of our social interaction can be in front of a computer or smart phone screen instead of face-to-face.

Throughout scripture, God demonstrates the importance of hospitality. He wants us to be hospitable towards. Even just taking a quick look at Romans 12:13 in the Parallel Bible, we see the earnestness of His heart.

NKJV – “…given to hospitality”
NIV – “Practice hospitality.”
NLT – “Always be eager to practice hospitality.”
ESV – “…seek to show hospitality”
HCS – “pursue hospitality”
AMP – “pursue the practice of hospitality”

Our busy and technology-driven lives contribute to our lack of personal fellowship one with another. Opening our homes and inviting others in for coffee, snacks, a meal or a party can easily slip off our heart’s and calendar’s radar screens. But I believe we are called and commanded to be hospitable in whatever form the Lord chooses. “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another..” ~ Hebrews 10:25

“Hospitality seeks to minister. It says, ‘This home is not mine. It is truly a gift from my Master. I am His servant and I use it as He desires.’ Hospitality does not try to impress, but to serve.” – Karen Burton Mains

In my book, SerenDIPity ~ Celebrating Dips, Faith & Friendship, I share the simple why-to and how-to of hospitality. Specifically, I invite you to host your very own SerenDIPity – a unique and fun dip party that gathers family and friends together for fellowship, food and laughter!


This fun and practical why to and how to book will help you:
1. Open up your home and heart through hospitality.
2. Creatively prepare and execute your own SerenDIPity party.
3. Set the stage for fun, friends, and fellowship.
4. Learn the ins and outs of hosting fun contests and giveaways.
5. Prepare savory and sweet dips.
6. Be inspired to reach out with SerenDIPity.
7. Know what the Bible says about hospitality and fellowship.

To purchase the book, you can click here! It is available in paperback, Kindle, Nook and PDF! Read what people are saying about SerenDIPity by clicking here!

While you are at it, grab a spoon and dip into some free resources!!!

Click here and just enter your name to receive five days of dip presentation ideas by our family and friends!

Click here for some free hostess-helpful printables!

And my favorite — Dollops of Scripture!

And of course, you can Pinterest along with SerenDIPity by clicking here!

Leave a comment below telling us the most recent time you were blessed by someone’s hospitality or how you would like to reach out in hospitality! We will pick a winner in a few days who will receive a SerenDIPity book!

Have a DIPlightful day!!!

“When you have eaten and are satisfied,
praise the Lord your God…”
Deuteronomy 8:10

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  1. Moving into new seasons of an empty nest, a new home, ministry, and relationships. I’m excited about this as we will be using are home to host Bible studies. Exciting!

    1. Hi, Suzanne! New seasons are wonderful, though I know they are often brought through a bittersweet time. Keep your hand to the plow and enjoy these new seasons!!!!


  2. I love to open my home and show hospitality. Althought with 4 dogs it isn’t always presentable at the drop of a hat or on a weeknight. I am trying to be better about reminding myself, that it doesn’t have to be spotless to show hospitality as you’ve reminded me above. Thank you for this post!

    1. Sara,
      I so understand this. I used to feel this way as a young mommy. My house was never “guests ready”. As an OLDER Mom, I have learned to relax. People care more about being loved on than anything else. Guests are far more gracious than we think.
      Blessings friend!

    2. Hi, Sara!!!

      We only have one little dog, who doesn’t shed, and I know even with her we have to keep up with keeping her area clean, keeping her smelling fresh, etc. I can only imagine with four dogs! Your dog-loving family and friends will totally get it. 🙂 Opening your home will bless others. Even if there are some dog toys laying around!!!!

      Sweet blessings,

  3. I WANT to own my home to hospitality but never seem to getthe house clean enough. I worry animal hair will bother someone or something will smell. I need to have a cleaning plan!

    1. Hi, Beth. You and Sara seem to feel the same way!!!!!

      In my book, I wrote that hosting guests often makes me get to tasks that I put on the back burner….like deep cleaning and purging, etc. Entertaining really is a great goal to get some things done that we put on the back burner.

      You can do it!!!

      DIPlightfully yours,

  4. My elderly friend Elsiegene has passed on now but when she was alive, she always took care of her guests. She did not allow anything to stop her: poor health, thru the pain, no matter how long it took her and despite our protests and offers to do it for her! She was the Queen of hospitality. She has been gone for nearly 3 years now and I miss her so. She was a kindred spirit and always had a twinkle in her eye. I’m so thankful she knows the Lord Jesus and is with Him forevermore!

    1. Denise, how sweet for you to write and what a blessing a friend like that is. You have honored her legacy with your sweet words and blessed my heart today by taking time to say hello!!
      Happy Thanksgiving to You,

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