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Hope For When You Are Weary In Your “Wait”

Thanksgiving is in our rear view mirror and our worlds are marching on… I would assume if you have kiddos, they are back at school. You may be reading this as you head to work or maybe to BED after a long day LOL.

My heart is focused today on FAITH STRETCHING! Living through those “seasons” when it seems like God doesn’t hear your prayers or worse, hears them and just doesn’t care!

Let’s gather some fresh HOPE for days like that shall we?!

Zechariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.” Luke 1:18 (NIV)

We have all been guilty of Zechariah’s lack of faith at some point or another.

We have all grown weary in the wait.

We have all looked around at the circumstances and said (or at least THOUGHT): “Are you seein’ what I’m seein’ Lord?”,

The Word that God spoke to my heart this morning was not only lack of our own faith that causes doubt, it is the LIE of LIMITATIONS.

Let’s face it friend.

We DO, in fact, have limitations. Frankly, getting older is a huge one in my mirror every day. Most of the dreams I have are dreams of a 30-40 something.

I often ask God, “How can I be sure of….?”

God always says back—“My love, my power, my plans for you are limitless!”

If you are in a place of questioning “how can I be sure…?” or placing limits on God’s power in your heart, your mind or your mouth, then today is the day to surrender.

It’s no coincidence that Gabriel shut Zechariah’s mouth!! Our mouths can be a hot bed of trouble, a noteworthy issue I share more about in my new book Life Unstuck. Today, God has refreshed my heart about the topic. Speaking UNBELIEF creates unbelief both in our own hearts and the heart of others. What we hear we rehearse.

Lets take this season to enjoy an UNSTUCK CHRISTMAS . Let’s start today to change what we say and say what we PRAY!

I believe God can and God will!!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for reminding me when I need to be reminded that the words of my mouth along with the meditations of my heart are meant to be pleasing to you. I want them to be pleasing to you. Show me today Lord, where is my unbelief? Where am I doubting you? Lead me to confession, repentance and change! Help me to speak only what YOU say and to overflow faith to those around me!

My sweet friend Kathi Lipp has a book out called Get Yourself Organized for Christmas. Please take a look at it and see if you might like one for yourself or a family member this year. Maybe a newly married friend. You may find Kathy’s book on Amazon.

Hey–An Idea for your day—Say “Good Morning!” Yep, that’s my grand suggestion for the day. It seems silly, right? However, we’re often in a frenzy of chores & errands and thoughts about our chores and errands (we chatted about this very topic yesterday). But TODAY let’s pick our heads up, focus on the people we see in the parking lot, pass in the hallway, hold the door for at the coffee shop.

By saying “Good Morning,” we are acknowledging another person and recognizing that he/she is sharing that moment with you. Right then. Right there.

Happy Monday friend! You are not alone!

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NOTE: Todays post comes from Day #5 of A Woman’s Quest to an Unstuck Christmas. I hope you will join us and be part of a community of women who are seeking more. More of–His presence! He is an omnipotent God who sees us!! That’s The Gospel. That’s Good News!


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