Honey..I have this speaking event…..

My honey and I just returned from a PRECIOUS speaking event in Newton, Iowa located just outside of DesMoines. can you say FREEZING! It was AWESOME!!!! We met THE MOST AMAZING people and no matter how hard we tried to be the “Servants” we felt “Served”. God moved. It was sweet.



After 40 years of marriage (this year), 3 kids, 2 daughters-in-love, 5 G’s and a NEW PUPPY….traveling together always provides yet another “growth opportunity” in our marriage!

It went something like this:

He is organized. I am not.

He likes to have all the details planned and 15 copies of everything in a file. I can’t find my wallet.

He packs a week out. I pack the morning of the flight.

He takes our own coffee and supplies (including the ingredients I like!), extra bags for dirty laundry (I mean REALLY?!!), phone charger…. I forgot my toothbrush.

He likes the aisle seat, me too.

He gets up really early in the morning. I stay up late and sleep as late as I can (when there are no LIGHTS shining in my face!)

On the flip side………

He prays the roof tops down over me and our event.

He sits on the front row and cries every time I share our story.

He makes me feel safe and valued.

He helps me remember everyones name and where they were born.

He deals with the details and lets me pour everything I have into every single event.

Those are just A FEW reasons I have kept him for 40 years and love to take him when I travel and speak!! (oh yeah, he carries the luggage and opens doors for me! xoxo)

Tell me my friend, what is YOUR travel style? me or Him??

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  1. I would have to say I am a lot like him when it comes to packing and what is being packed, I wake up early butt I don’t have to have everything organized with 15 copies because I do lose my wallet, papers and such! My husband and I tend to compliment each other…where one is weak, the other is strong and I feel as blessed as you do by the man God has put in my life. He stretches me to be a better person every day but he is sooo easy to love and serve.
    God bless you and may you have many more wonderful years together! Happy Anniversary!

    1. I agree Kari. It is such a common thing isn’t it, the whole opposites attract thingy. We are so VERY blessed to find the right one. It is hard work but oh so writhe it!
      Bless you friend,

  2. In some ways I’m more like your husband with a touch of your style mixed in. I often think & plan ahead of time, but everything comes together with the time crunch at the end. In college, I often did my best writing/studying the night before though I planned ahead as to what I would focus on. Thanks for the chance to win a Friday give-away.

    1. Welcome Linda! Thank you for visiting and sharing! I’ve dropped your name into the hat for my next give-away!
      Blessings to you!!

  3. I pack early and have lots of extra stuff to take along, just in case. My husband says all he needs is a toothbrush and a pair of clean underwear and he is good to go. hahahaha!

    1. Hi sweetie! I ALWAYS take too much 🙂 yet never seem to have just what I want. Why is that??!!
      Great to see you here! xoxo

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