Honey Don’t….Please!!!

We have all heard of the proverbial “Honey Do List”.

I have had many a passionate discussion with girlfriends who are married to men whose weekends are filled with football or golf. They are often overwhelmed with the endless list of things that need to be done to keep a house, a home. I hear tales of husbands who don’t seem to see the garbage that is overflowing in the kitchen and who step over the wet towels on the bathroom floor. Fortunately, I don’t have one of those men. In fact, I am aware that some men could have the same discussion about their wives as I am about to confess.

I have always considered my self to be a blessed woman in this area.

My husband is the keeper of the “to do” list.

He washes clothes before they barely get from body to basket. He does the dishes after dinner, handles all the car maintenance, pool and yard work and even shops for groceries. He is not very much of a “handyman’ but what he can’t do, he hires out. I know how to pick ’em, I know!!

The truth is, we kind of have the opposite “Honey Do” situation around our house. I am the one who never seems to get my “to do” list, “ta done”. Worse than that, I am famous for biting off projects that are bigger than I can chew, so to speak, and my man ends up finishing them for me.

We have one of those infamous events going on right now!

Just a bit before Christmas I decided that I wanted to update our Home Office which had just been transferred from honey to me.


I wanted to make it more girly and inspirational for…you know…all my blogging!

I didn’t throw him out of his office mind you. It was his choice to move to another spot in the house. One closer to the TV!! I just don’t want you to get any wrong ideas about who is the boss in our house. He IS the “head” of this household” make no mistake about it.

Soo… Without thinking through too many details, I arranged for a furniture consignment shop to pick up the old office furniture and I started creating a “vision” for my new work space. How hard could it be????

Me and my BIG IDEAS! This has been a real challenge!!  We have now been faced with the expense and the time that it takes to create a new home office leading to a “Honey Do” list that was not in the budget OR on the calendar.


I have been working from fold out tables set up in the living room. No inspiration going on here and no blogging 🙂 either.


My honey has shopped for office furniture with me for WEEKS!! Who knew how pricey a DESK can be! Anyway, I finally landed on what I wanted and we could afford. Then, decided I wanted to room to be a new color!!

I mean look at this old color. It is MUSTARD for goodness sakes. Does that say “Feminine”? “Inspirational”? “Pretty”? to you???


So, I decided to paint, or rather, I decided that HONEY should paint….What do you think???

Next, staying with the theme of my simple idea and everybody elses labor, I decided to have “Remodleing Guy” (AKA “my firstborn”) add a bit of pizzazz by popping up some of that bead board he’s been talking about.

He will be here  tomorrow to jump on that little project before the arrival of my new desk. THAT will cost me a big fat juicy steak!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Anyway, honey is busy painting today and has, not so gently, let me know that the next project that I decide to take on better NOT involve him!!

He’s just kidding though, I know. I have had him for 33 years!!!

Stay tuned for the finished product.

ps…He warned me that if I post all this stuff on my blog, women will be lining up at the front door!! Maybe I could hire him out to pay for the new office decor> I still need window coverings and a reading chair but don’t tell him…..Please!

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  1. Oh, I can so relate. We just decorated our third bedroom(former bedroom of my son) whose been out of the houses for 8 years. I know we are alittle slow getting started.
    We painted, added girlie curtains, a bedroom set and a desk where I sit every morning to work on my blogging career. 🙂

    I hope you will show us the finished results.

    love and hugs~Tammy

  2. I have a honey do that is a honey doesn’t do it!! I may have to borrow yours!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Group is going well. God is all over it!

    Love you!

  3. I can’t wait to see it when it is finished – So fun to have something new! What a great husband (and son) you have!!!

    Missed you, glad you are back.

  4. Hi ladies. I KNOW!! I really am spoiled. Of course, no one is perfect, not even my honey. He SNORES BIG time and sometimes he forgets to make my coffee and bring it to me in the mornings!!
    What is a girl to do!!! 🙂
    Love ya’ll

  5. HAHA! My honey and I finally packed up the crib &changer table, and sold them to a mommy who was TRHILLED to get them at an incredible price. That gave me the bug- I sold some more furniture to and then my honey bought me a desk with the money! He’s the interior designer and like he said, it’s perfect. It also keeps me off his desk. Wait, do you think there is a method behind his madness?

    What a gracious honey you have! The paint color is my favorite AND I can’t wait to see what God brings from that new desk!

    Love you,

  6. Entertaining. Can’t wait to see the finished room. In a similar dilemna myself trying to move from a large home into a small apartment and still keep my “office” ….downsizing isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. 🙂

  7. Susan,
    Praise the LORD it is not about Cribs anymore :)!!! I do understand about the desk sharing thing however. We lasted about 30 minutes doing that. Could be part of the reason for honey’s hard work! He would do anything to keep me out of his space—especially the new one by the TV!

    So nice to have you stop by. YES, I will definitely show you pics of the finished product….IF it EVER gets done!!! I am still in the living room for now.

    You silly thing….He doesn’t HAVE a side 🙂


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