Holy Week

I wanted to my last Advent Post to be something that would capture what is going on in my heart as I consider this precious week. 

After spending time in my “Prayer Chair” this morning the Lord asked me to share with you, a bit of what He shared with me. I write in a prayer journal pretty much every day and have for almost 25 years. Some of my darkest and brightest moments are in those pages. I have decided in celebration of 25 years, that next year, I am going to drag all my old journals out and kind of parallel journal my days with the Lord for the next 25 years!
THAT should be interesting, to ME anyway!!

So, here is a glimpse into my morning journal:

December 22, 2008

Good Morning Lord. It is Holy Week.

The last week of Advent. The closing days of the “Christmas Season” as the world has placed it on her calendar.

I am so grateful Lord, that my calendar does not belong to the world. 

It not only belongs to you, it is filled by you and it is FULL of you.

You Precious Lord, are my calendar.

You are my days, my hours, my minutes, my year.
I do not always behave as though that is truth, but it is none the less.

Your Holy Birth matters to me every minute of EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Although I often fail and fall Lord, You have promised to never leave me or forsake me.

As I read through your Word this is the message that you have for me today:

Mathew 4:16

The people who live in darkness have seen a great light.

For those who live in the shadowland of death, light has dawned.

Your light has “dawned” in my life Lord. Once and forever.

You Jesus, have been born in me.

If you are reading this post and Jesus has not been born in you, you can give HIM the best Gift of all this Christmas. 

The gift that HE came to receive. 
The gift of yourself.

It will cost YOU nothing. It is easy to apprehend. You do not have to go far to get it.

Simply fall to your knees, open your heart and ask Him to come into your life.

No matter how complicated your life feels right now. No matter how messed up or confused you are.

It is simple, just ask Jesus to be Your Savior, Your Lord, Your King of Kings.

It is DONE!!!

You have blessed Him. You have changed your life.

Today is a new day for you.

Merry Christmas!!

Now for a New Birth treat read Romans 8!! You will LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the last verses.

If you have done this for the first time, or if even if you are like me and celebrating multiple years of New Birth, it would be a special Christmas Blessing for me to hear form you!!

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  1. Hi Pat,

    I’m new to your blog…what a testimony. Thank you for sharing and being so transparent. God’s grace and abiding love is so amazing. Happy New Year!


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