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Holy Halloween!

Nope, it’s not my Pentecostal roots springing up from the ground!


Halloween and all that it entails is a long time joke/punk Mom opportunity around our house. My 3 adult children all have horror stories to tell about “THE MOM FROM THE DARK SIDE” who would not let them go “Trick or Treating”. Soon after I surrendered my life to God the Father, Jesus the Son and THE Holy Spirit, and they were just babes, I began to abhor all things Halloween. A holiday that in years past had caused my husband and me to transform our garage into a neighborhood haunted house and fake blood to dot our sidewalk.

My new birth words sounded much like David in Psalm 139: 21

“Do I not hate those who hate you Lord, and abhor those who rise up against you?”  Which to me meant anyone who was dark and dirty enough to dress up like a devil and knock on my door.

The witches and the front yards turned into gravesite were just more than this newly born and redeemed woman could handle.

For many, many years, we turned off our lights and left the house. IF a “Fall Festival” was available at a nearby church, I allowed the kids to dress up as their “FAVORITE” Bible friend and grab some handfuls of future tooth decay.

As the years have passed and I have become a SET FREE WOMAN living LIFE UNSTUCK, I have backed off and realized some other truth from David in Ps 139:16, “EVERY DAY was ordained FOR ME and written in your book before it came to be”!

EVERY DAY is an opportunity for me to share and show the love of Jesus, for the lost and the found.

EVERY DAY belongs to HIM!

EVERY DAY belongs to me!!

Tomorrow night, I will be sitting on my front porch in my rocking chair with a HUGE pail of future tooth decay and a HUGE smile for anyone who comes to our door.

The secret is–along with a Snickers bar, THE HOLY GHOST will be waiting for them!

Please leave a comment and tell me friend, how has your faith effected your end of October day?

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  1. You sound like my story, Pat. I used to dress like a witch & open the door to scream like a banshee at little innocent kids who were scared to death. It was all about the holiday the world celebrated, and I have regretted it so much. I think so many people who are interested in this, do not realize that it’s a evil & ugly spirit they are honoring. It is just a traditional, annual ritual they are caught up in. Now we leave our lights off, or go out for dinner to get away from the house.

  2. Thank you Iris! You are precious and I remember hearing this from you oh so many years ago 🙂
    I completely understand your choice!
    Have a nice dinner and know that you are loved 🙂

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