Here’s Your Easter Week Chance to Win Some Peace!

This is my favorite season of the year. (Okay, so I say that often 🙂 But I do love Spring and I especially LOVE Easter week. As we acknowledge the sacrifice and celebrate the resurrection of our LIVING SAVIOR JESUS, I have been even more mindful of the spiritual discipline of REST! Anyone who has ever visited my blog understands how central the Bible and prayer are in my life. I am pretty sure it’s true for you as well or you wouldn’t be/stay here!

Over the past few months I have become especially intrigued by the discipline of REST, QUIET and LISTENING Prayer. Sometimes, my most frequent quiet time action plan for a LIFE UNSTUCK— is NO ACTION PLAN! Rather, simply taking a passage of scripture and allowing God to speak it’s personal message into my life.

I have learned that using soft instrumental worship music helps me to focus on what God is speaking to me as well as TUNE OUT other noises and distractions of the world.

Another amazing tool I have uncovered is using the power of essential oils to enhance my quiet time with peace and deep relaxation.  Everyone can use a bit more of that, right?! I have been personally enjoying and “quietly” sharing essential oils for the past few years, mostly for friends and family. The cool thing is, there is always more to learn! Until I recently shared my REST QUEST adventure with my precious Daughter-in-law Kim, I hadn’t really considered using them this way!

Meditation and Prayer Essential Oil Blend DIY - doTERRA Essential Oils -

Kim shared the miracle of essential oils with me a few years back and got me completely HOOKED. I have asked Kim to share some ideas with us that she uses in her own quiet time! Not only is she offering us a FREE REST QUEST formula called BLISS BLEND but she is graciously DOUBLING MY GIVE AWAY of the week with a Give-Away of her own!

Enjoy!! She is amazing!

Hi, I’m Kim Layton from and I’m thrilled to be able to share a little project with you today as part of Pat’s series on REST and Prayer!

Meditation and Prayer Bliss Blend - doTERRA Essential Oils -

Let’s talk a bit about your prayer time, meditation or quiet time.  Whatever you call it this DIY Bliss Blend will make it extra special!

In this hectic life we can all use a little “Time Out” to regroup and ground ourselves.  Make time for yourself to reflect and read, or breathe and pray.

You don’t need a ton of time, just 15 minutes will do.

You don’t need a special room, just a quiet place to sit will work.

This is one thing you can do for yourself that can have spiritual and mental rewards instantly.

I’ve created this special Bliss Blend just for you!  I used essential oils that will help you breathe deeper, feel more grounded, and get connected with God while reading your Bible or praying.

Bible Journaling - KimberlyLayton

Create this in minutes and enjoy it for months!

Bliss Blend

  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 5 drops Patchouli
  • 5 drops Lavender
  • 3 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 16 oz. water

Add it all together in a glass spray bottle to create this beautiful Bliss Blend of essential oil goodness.  Shake and spray the room before meditation or prayer time {or just spray your whole house…ha!}

Some of the benefits of these oils…

Frankincense – considered to be the King of essential oils, believed to enhance enlightenment and a spiritual connection, calming, relieves stress and anxiety, boosts immune system, great for your skin and so much more!  This is an amazing oil!

Patchouli– grounding, fights depression, boosts immune system, enhances mood and it’s great for your skin!

Lavender– calming, reduces anxiety and stress, improves sleep and smells wonderful!

Roman Chamomile– fights anxiety and stress, helps relieve allergy symptoms and smells so good you’ll want to wear it like perfume!

These can all be blended together or used separately.  Diffuse them in the room if you own a diffuser.  Just use them!  Breathe in deeply and relax.

Add a drop of your favorite to your wrist and take the benefits with you wherever you go!

DIY Meditation & Prayer Essential Oil Blend - doTERRA -

These essential oils are amazing and I use them daily!

Are you interested in trying doTERRA Essential Oils for yourself? I would love to share more with you!

doTERRA Peace Essential Oil Blend -

You can actually join doTERRA to get member prices for just $35.  It’s like joining Sam’s or Costco. There are no minimum purchases or automatic shipments required.

Enter your email address in the box below to receive essential oil tips and be entered to win this fabulous doTERRA Peace Blend.  I’ll choose a winner on April 15th!

Trust me…It smells amazing!  It’s such a calming oil that you’ll want to keep a bottle in your purse at all times.

Pat, thanks for letting me share this DIY Meditation and Prayer blend with your readers today!


P.S.  For more DIY projects you can check out my blog,  You can also find me on social media @EverythingEtsy everywhere.

Thank you Kim–I love and adore you!!

SO, as an extra blessing for Easter Week, you will have DOUBLE THE CHANCE to win! I am also going to give away a bottle of PEACE! Leave a comment below and tell me, what is your favorite method of finding peace in the middle of a busy life? Reading? Worship music? Prayer? A long walk?? Someone who shares will win a bottle of doTERRA PEACE from me!


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  1. Really I don’t always get to show down to find peace in the busiest times. I’d love to say I take a few moments to sit and read, but I usually just push on. I’m trying to be more balanced though.

    Another activity that helps me balance my emotions & process stress is going for a run. Sometimes I will pray during it, but even just getting the physical activity usually helps me feel better, so I try to make time regularly. I think another reason it helps is being out in the fresh air & bring away from all the things to do allows my mind to change focus for a few minutes.

    I’m hoping to create other habits of making room for peaceful moments & the idea of adding essential oils to my quiet time is lovely!

    (An e-letter friend ?)

    1. Yeah Tiffany! Thank you for visiting! I love to “run” (okay maybe walk real fast) as well! I hope you will try the BLISS BLEND, you will love it!
      Monday blessings!!

  2. I’ve been using oils for a while but haven’t yet heard of doTERRA’s new line! Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to be entered for the contest!

    1. Hi Katie–I am just going to be new to this new line as well!! I can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much for taking time to say hello!

  3. I’ve been wanting to try essential oils for some time now. I will definitely be buying some and trying this mixture. I could certainly use some help on meditation and prayer time. Thank you so much for a chance to win Peace. Love reading your newsletters and blogs.

  4. Hi Pat! How I wish I could get away to the retreat center with you, but I just can’t fit it into my budget right now. I use an essential oil from doTerra at night for sleeping called Serenity. Love it! I would love to try Peace. Sounds terrific. I often find myself in the midst of stress and business. I like to let off that stress with exercise – generally a run outside is my favorite, but lately I’ve also taken up sewing. I’m learning to sew and quilt. I love having a creative outlet as well. Spending time out on a run gets me out away from the distractions and there’s nothing to do but marvel in God’s creation of the world and me.
    Love getting your emails in my in-box. Blessings.

    1. Martha–2 things–#1-yes I would LOVE to have you join me for a QUEST! Maybe the next one in September!! #2–YUM!!! I love the idea of taking up seeing and quilting to find REST! I have a new neighbor who has entire entire garage apt set up as a quilting room! I must take her cookies!!! Right?!!
      Thank you for the kind words about my emails :))))

  5. My rest is in total silence as I read God’s word or pray. But I love praise and worship music. Like a child sent to “Time Out”, I want to go to “Time Out” Love Kim’s blog and thanks Pat for giving so much of yourself. Have a bless wonderful day, Joanne PS: I in the Life Unstuck group!

  6. My favorite place is sitting by the lake ,upstate New York , in an Adirondack chair with just my feet in the water just taking in the beautiful scenery God has given me to enjoy. It is ten minutes from my house and where I go to destress in the warmer months. I have been using essential oils for almost 3 years but have never tried do terra. Your blend sounds fantastic. I just need to get the Roman Chamomile e.o. I have the other oils and Roman Chamomile flower buds that I use for tea and in my homemade soaps that I make. I also have lavender flower buds for tea and soap.

    1. Oh my–this makes me want to do this!!! A chair by the lake! I can’t wait to hear how you like Bliss Blend Debbie :)))
      Blessings to you,

  7. After evening prayer and reading I love, love, love to lay in bed and listen to music. Presently my favorites to listen to are ” Deliver me Oh God” by Andre Assad and ” What Love is this” by Kari Jobe. Music connects my spirit to His like nothing else! My new home is in the
    Foothills of the Smokies near Maryville Tn. Will be living there within a month Lords willing! The house is on top of a foothill and there are 2 mountain streams that can be heard from the porch! The prior owners have agreed to leave the Adarondak chairs on the porch for me! I can’t wait to spend time there listening… to the streams… to God speaking. I had a dream a while back when I was seeking and asking God questions… He said to me ” it’s here… the answers are here… in my word” And He has kept His word leading me to the answers to my specific questions in scripture. That’s our God … He always follows thru with His promises!
    P.S. Pat I’m in the club!

  8. Music is typically what helps me find peace, especially that of Andrew Peterson and Audrey Assad.

    I’m on the email list. : )

  9. We sing and dance to Worship music in our living room watching videos on Youtube. My 2 and 8 year old daughters know the words to Draw Near, Oceans, Good Good Father, and they love twirling and worshiping to our awesome God!

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